That little knight swiggle by Magnus | Carlsen vs Vincent Keymer | World Rapid 2022

They say a World class player knows when to create weaknesses, how to create them, how to exchange pieces, when to push pawns, centralize the king. In short, when a world champion is in his best form he plays a positional masterpiece. This is exactly what Magnus Carlsen did against the 18-year-old German super talent Vincent Keymer at the World Rapid Championships 2022. It was a phenomenal game and you must simply not miss it.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus doesnt care time the time cares Magnus

  2. Magnus doesn’t watch the clock the clock watches Magnus

  3. Has anyone here ever been to a chess tournament or competition?

  4. All these people in the comments acting like they have the first clue what even happened here, why it's phenomenal, or how to even articulate that lol…. I guarantee you, if someone were to reupload this exact video on a different channel, only instead of describing it as phenomenal and world-class, they pretended to point out massive blunders and mistakes, the comments would be filled with the same people, only this time they'd be breaking down all of the "horrible play" while "expertly" inserting very specific Time-Stamps as to when the horrible blunders occurred LOL….

  5. Everyone matter lots about time. In OFFICIAL CHESS MATCH, where every single seconds matter. MAGNUS CARLSEN doesn't care and panic about time. Lol 😂🤣😹 he is LEGEND.

  6. Gotham: "So Magnus sits down to play his game at a world champion event. The referee starts the clock and Magnus…is just drinking water. His time is literally ticking, White makes the first move, does he know that? He puts his water away- he's gonna make a move but then NO! He adjusts every piece to be centered on the squares- his time is just running. He hasn't made a move for twenty seconds to start this game, Until, finally, he's satisfied, he plays c4 and his opponents like wtf?"

  7. Can someone explain why did magnus' opponent resigned??

  8. Душевная теплоизоляция says:

    Кто-нибудь видел Морозевича? Он участвовал?

  9. 3:43 Sagar even got the knight squiggle to appear as the animated thumbnail, I didn't know you could custom set that

  10. I don’t understand how the timer works why do they add time

  11. Only an amateur would checked off his king early off the game. Probably the only time, he gets a check to Magnus!

  12. wtf , why keymer always played so passively against magnus!??

  13. Can someone please explain what Magnus says when his timer is running down, but he's adjusting pieces? I get that it's touch-move, but what does he say?

  14. Why did Keymer go for so long without conceding the defeat??? Is he blind or too proud?

  15. If Averin wiggled that the referee would stop the clock and reprimand him and his friend 300 meters away

  16. Magnus played his knight face down in defense position lol

  17. wtf, don't do this for more views. find some better ways.

  18. Magnus doesn't even care when the timer began

  19. Professor: define Time
    Magnus Carlsen: Yes!!!!

  20. Why did they replace all the pieces except the king and queen

  21. Was it a good game or nahh .. I’m asking??????

  22. Carlsen always forgot chessbase has a timer

  23. ไม่สนเลยว่าเวลาเดิน😂

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