Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Open | Rapid | Day 1 | Live commentary by Sagar, Tania

TATA STEEL CHESS INDIA RAPID & BLITZ, India’s biggest chess tournament, will be held from November 29 till December 4, 2022. The open tournament has been on for three editions now and in its fourth edition, TSCI will have a women’s tournament with the same format – rapid and blitz.

The Format
Two tournaments: a women’s event and an open event.
The tournament will be played in two formats – rapid and blitz.

Rapid Tournament
A single 10-player Round Robin played on November 29, 30 and December 1, with 3 rounds per day. The time control is 15 minutes for the entire game with an increment of 10 seconds from Move 1.

Blitz Tournament
A double 10-player Round Robin played on December 3 and 4, with 9 rounds per day. The time control is 3 minutes with an increment of 2 seconds from Move 1.


Day 1: Coming Soon!

Video: ChessBase India
Thumbnail: Abhyudaya Ram

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  1. Tata steel chess is starting from 13 th Jan right?

  2. Good day for INDIA… VD Bhai also op..

  3. Please stop mention the people ho have the move right. Is of no interest for the most off the viewers.

  4. chutiyap commentary ,,,on top all these hand movements

  5. im not indian but tania and sagar did an excellent job on this commentary. love the way they hype up the moves. also its quite amazing to see the player's heart rates closing to be tachycardic how fast their hearts are beating in crunch time

  6. 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐓𝐮𝐛𝐞𝐫 says:

    I missed the complete stream.. But I just want to say Sagar bhai with new border less specs looks very cool.. And obviously Tania di is our all time favourite.. ♥️♥️

  7. Amazing games and such energetic commentary 🔥 Tania & Sagar op

  8. Why Sethu is playing, they could have brought some other strong player

  9. i don't know if it was some glitch on my device only but i couldn't find the stream in the channel, i only found it when i searched it

  10. It should be an Armageddon after draw like Norway chess

  11. Hikaru and Wesley will have jet-lag this week impacting their performance.

  12. Indian gm SL Narayan humiliated on cheating suspicion

  13. Tanya: I will not be surprised if Wesley goes for h3
    Tanya when Wesley goes for h3: OMG HE GOES FOR IT HE GOES FOR IT

  14. Is Magnum Norwegian chocolate playing?

  15. this stupid fool taniaalways maeks me leave wherever i am watching the chesscommentary
    so annoying and always interrupting

  16. The commentary is fantastic! Thank you for making this so fun to watch

  17. arjun was inspired by my opening repertoire

  18. 2:10:15 happens when 2 good friends (and not just 2 experts) come together in the commentary box! 😍

    It was lovely to see such passion, banter and chemistry between Tania and Sagar.

  19. So there's a Speed Chess tournament going on and this event at the same time? With some players on both events? Kinda confused.

  20. Wow.. Guys how u r commentating fr 7 hours.. OMG.. great stamina.. chess is not only a mind game but it tests ur physic too..

  21. I REALLY, REALLY wish you guys could enable subtitles in live mode (I've seen it on other channels where filming is happening, and subtitles are on, so that I'm not having to wait until the end of the stream to watch this.

  22. why pragg is not playing ??????🤔🤔🤔

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