Superbet Rapid & Blitz Poland 2024: Day 1 | #GrandChessTour

Live from the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, the 3rd Superbet Rapid & Blitz Poland is the first of five legs of the Grand Chess Tour. Four of the Tour players are joined by six wildcards (pairings below) for a rapid round robin and a blitz double round robin. Today are the first three rounds of the rapid round robin. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan & Cristian Chirila, IMs Nazi Paikidze & Jovanka Houska, and WGM Anastasiya Karlovich for the move-by-move.


RAPID ROUND 1 (Games Worth 2 Points) | 25 Min. Incr. 10 Sec.
Magnus Carlsen vs. Arjun Erigaisi
Praggnanandhaa R vs. Jan-Krzysztof Duda
Nodirbek Abdusattorov vs. Anish Giri
Vincent Keymer vs. Wei Yi
Gukesh D vs. Kirill Shevchenko

RAPID ROUND 2 (Games Worth 2 Points) | 25 Min. Incr. 10 Sec.
Wei Yi vs. Magnus Carlsen
Nodirbek Abdusattorov vs. Gukesh D
Anish Giri vs. Arjun Erigaisi
Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs. Vincent Keymer
Kirill Shevchenko vs. Praggnanandhaa R

RAPID ROUND 3 (Games Worth 2 Points) | 25 Min. Incr. 10 Sec.
Magnus Carlsen vs. Jan-Krzysztof Duda
Arjun Erigaisi vs. Wei Yi
Praggnanandhaa R vs. Nodirbek Abdusattorov
Gukesh D vs. Anish Giri
Vincent Keymer vs. Kirill Shevchenko


  1. Duda is playing this tournament as well? Cool! Especially since he has won in the CCT to continue.

  2. So that analysis of Duda vs Keymer @ 2:58:50 was really bad. It seemed to be very interesting end game and she explained nothing. If that card with the result didn't pop up, you wouldn't even know the result. Really disappointing.

  3. Нодирбекга омад ёр булсин Аллохим

  4. Where would US and Global Chess be without the Wonderful and Beneficent Rex Sinquefeld?

  5. I really was looking forward to watch this but it's so disappointing that most of the time was spent analyzing the engine instead of watching the players. Would love to see more of the players going forward and less of the commentators

  6. Very captivating. I was fully engaged and engrossed in the analysis and discussions.

  7. His voice put me to bed last night. 😂 It was nice, and I need more of this haha

  8. Yasser is my favorite commentator especially when being paired with Peter Leko, Tania and Maurice.

  9. Nice team with a balanced ratio of airtime. Hope we get more broadcasts with this roster.

  10. Good day! Warm greetings from the City of Santa Monica, CA, USA! Let’s go Praggnanandhaa!

  11. Они воооооообще коментиравать не умеют или не понимают шахматы! Поставте красивых телок или кто понимает шахматы, ато такое ощущение что Сериван сидит с тупинкими и учит им шахматы. Скука скука скука

  12. The charisma of that black haired woman that is relaying the computer lines is on par with my toothbrush, just excellent!

  13. Leko svidler and judit are for sure the best and ofcourse our yasser

  14. They could bring Levy Rozman as a commentator.

  15. Gukesh youngest candidates winner is losing against mere peasants (most likely because he is a peasant)

  16. Best production value I have ever seen. Kudos to the team

  17. Nordibek should’ve played in the candidates

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