Relaxing Rapid Chess

Relaxing rapid chess and music with GM Eric Hansen.

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  1. 19:52 Bxf7, (Kf8 is unlikely) take, Nxe5, take, Qxg4 would have been interesting

  2. 100% using this as my falling asleep video tonight

  3. Love this! maybe adjust the volume of the music as some parts your voice was muffled because it was loud. Would love to see a game like this against a titled player.

  4. I think just playing a couple 15 minute games and putting them into one video might be better for this type of video

  5. Not bad. Don`t be fast with statement that you won't do mick licking. It comes to reality slowly, step by step.

  6. I'm playing League of Legends while having this in the background. The music and the voice makes me ignore all the raging <3 ZEN

  7. I would have watched this video, but the music was drowning out your voice. The music is okay, but your voice is much more important, and it's pleasant, so maybe consider giving it more of the balance.

    You have a second career in ASMR if you want it.

  8. Ahhhh this worked well. Slept like a baby. Thanks bud!

  9. I’m not sure whether it’s just my headphones, but the voice to music volume ratio was perfect for me. seeing other comments confused me about that aspect

  10. I slept in 10 minutes yesterday, woke up and the video was watched already

  11. i used to follow your channel until YouTube unsubscribed me happy to have found it again man cheers

  12. 100 percent fell asleep watching this last night

  13. Yea this content is dope! Good job Eric, make more! Cheers mate.

  14. Kept waiting for the classic "ERIC!!! WHAT THE F#%&!?" jumpscare, but the video turned out to be pretty relaxing.. Just what I needed when hungover

  15. More of this chief! Instructional, relaxing chess

  16. This is my favorite video you have ever made

  17. I’ve never seen anything like this and I love it! I found my thoughts wandering to a near empty lounge late at night, or listening to a smooth late night soft jazz DJ between songs…

    3 minutes in I realized I hadn’t seen a single move!

  18. I will not be licking the microphone 🤣🤣😂💀 well said

  19. This is like when your local radio station switches formats to "easy listening" 😅

  20. Don't be fooled by the gentle man you see in this video. I accidentally once bumped into Eric on the street and he straight up punched me in my face. I have nose surgery in a week. Don't support these guys or their ASMR.

  21. Please continue doing this. I really enjoyed it and I was asleep within 15 minutes of the video. It was a nice change of pace, also I don't have to fear the blunder rage waking me up in a video like this (I hope).

  22. Love this content, but maybe music less loud 🙂 But I love explanations in longer games. Soothing tone too, nice.

  23. I put this on last night and did indeed fall asleep to it. Time control was way too slow, though.

  24. Been hesitant to watch this one. I imagined it so gross, I couldn't click on it. Max respect, well done. Guy did this in one take.

  25. I actually fall asleep to tilted tuesday vids every day lol!!

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