Rapid World Chess Championship 2016 Jobava v Atabayev

Daniel King demonstratesthe game Jobava v Atabayev from the Rapid World Chess Championship 2016
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  1. Hey Daniel love ur videos… keep posting

  2. Excellent chess, Tal-like attack. Thanks and happy new year

  3. hahahhahhhah this" looks like checkmate to me lol"

  4. Thanks sir your videos are great! Please don't stop to post chess studies! Happy 2017!

  5. Was actually looking at the rook sacrifice before recapturing the pawn but thought TWO pieces no way 🙂 Of course Jobava played it

  6. I remember Radio Jan getting checkmated with black like this on a banter blitz!

  7. A perfect example of why I love Chess. An excellent game. It reminded me of the good ole "pre puter" days.

  8. Was hoping you'd go through a few of the incredible games there. Thank you so much!

  9. Can you analyse chucky vs jobava at the closing ceremony? xD

  10. Brilliant, i wonder he calculated all the way from sacrifice or just instinct? Was this position played before? Thks

  11. this is a backpackers favorits game, they love rucksacks !

  12. What a great game you chose! And you explained it well as always. Just donated to you and subscribed to the channel. Please keep these wonderful, instructive videos coming! Thank you

  13. Hello sir! I just discover your channel, even if I am not a chess player I like your videos and your comentaries. I just subscribe. Keep up the good work!

  14. You're THE BEST commentator on chess there is Sir! Thanks for decades of insight.

  15. I do like a good sac, don't you?

    for those of us with simple minds, you might have stepped back to explain just where Black came unstuck?

  16. Do join me live tonight, Thursday 12th January, 7pm (UK) on YouTube for my latest Hangout. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyHnFT5zJ78 I'll feature highlights from the Rapid World Championship and of course you'll be able to ask questions to me directly during the Hangout.

  17. Just wanted to say that so far, you have been the best guy to watch. You don't side track or lose my attention, which seems to be my biggest problem when trying to watch others. For example, Ben Finegold, too many jokes every 10 seconds. If he were to stop joking, (even if i found his jokes funny, im sure i would still not like constant side tracking). Then Yasser, nice guy, very knowledgeable but very slow, hard for me to pay attention. Not knocking on those guys, they have their base, I just think that you fit my style and want to say thanks!

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