Rapid VS Blitz Chess: The Same Or Different?

Rapid VS Blitz Chess

Most newcomers get confused when hearing about these 2 game types. Aren’t they the same? Not quite. If you properly look at rapid vs blitz chess, you’ll see a huge difference between them. We’ll highlight it. As well as give you some tips to improve skills in fast-paced battles. Looking for a place to play chess? Join chess clubs in Los Angeles, CA.

The Same Or Different

A Quick Fact

You might have heard about the current Champion from Norway Magnus Carlsen. This extraordinary grandmaster won the rapid title in December 2022. But the same intellectual confrontation was also organized for women. And the winner was Tan Zhongyi from China.

Rapid VS Blitz Chess

The variations themselves can vary, but the standard distinction is as follows:

  • Matches of 3-14 minutes are believed to be Blitz
  • Matches of 15+ minutes are called Rapid

Becoming a Really Good Fast Chess Player

Becoming a Really Good Fast Chess Player

Time restriction automatically shifts priorities in the challenge. Here are a few things to mind when training for intellectual battles with opponents:

  • Become good at classics. You might be surprised to hear this advice, but it’s the key. You should have a good understanding of the normal 90+ minute match. Only then will you make more deliberate and well-targeted moves
  • Welcome challenging puzzles. You’ll need the skill to work your way out of difficult board situations. Play a lot! As well as take on exercises to have as much experience as you can
  • Hold back your attacks. Although it’s a very dynamic variation, it’s more rewarding to strike later on. Focus on gaining strong board positions. Haste usually leads you to mistakes and slows you down

What to Choose?

If you’re thinking about which variation to try (rapid vs blitz chess), opt for both. They will be an efficient part of your training. We’ve found a short video with a guide on becoming a better player in fast matches. Follow the link to watch it. As well as practice and enjoy this intellectual challenge.