Rapid – Day 1 | FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2023

Commentators: GM Viswanathan Anand & WGM Anastasiya Karlovich

The FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2023 is taking place in the ancient city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from December 26th to 30th. More than 300 of the world’s best chess players will compete for four titles over five intense days, with a prize fund of $1,000,000.

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  1. when is fide removing racist double standards? if russians can't play under their flag , usa, other nato countries(including norway), israel, etc, shouldn't either.

  2. Yeah i agree with so me others that while vichy knows his stuff , for sure nevertheless he shouldn't cut Anastasia off almost all the time …..please let her speak too ok ?

  3. very poor coverage, they keep vacillating b/w boards

  4. Terrible, couldnt manage more than 10 minutes

  5. For the love of God, Vishy smacking his lips and breathing into the mic was killing me. Production needs to be better

  6. Holy cow the management of this show is insanely bad.
    No eval bar, too much focus on the women's section, bad commentary, bad quality of production, bad mic quality, where are the results of the other fkn players etc.
    It's insane that they could not even show the final score of the best youngsters like Gukesh, Pragg and Keymer.

    I am super disappointed of this event.

  7. When you use the free mic that comes with your PS4. Audio was horrible. Chess was great.

  8. They always mess up Day 1 of each tournament but then improve. Why can't the same audio setup be remembered for Day 1 of the following tournament?

  9. Bad production, but GM Viswanathan Anand & WGM Anastasiya Karlovich are excellent and work well together. It's not their fault that the behind-the-scenes crew was inadequate.

  10. Wow vishy talks with a lot of depth and information

  11. Come on FIDE for f*** sake. Get a proper production with both audio & video. You have 13 year olds at home with no budget who produces better than you. It's absolutely disastrous.

  12. Initially it was a poor broadcast,but what else can you expect from a bunch of nerds?😄

  13. They need to consult with an audio expert,a sound engineer.

  14. Dear FIDE, Where are the tournament results? Thanks!

  15. The prizes for men and women are so different. Seriously! This is the 21st century

  16. 6:28:45 Final standings of day-1(i.e after five rounds) (Women)
    6:29:41 Final standings of day-1(i.e after five rounds) (Open section)

  17. Great chess, not so great presentation. There are never ending audio issues. It sounds like the presenters mic is across the room & we start out today with several of them not working. When they do reveal their mics we find that they're extremely cheap mics not even fit for online gaming so that's why the audio quality is so bad. There's no real-time evaluation, which I'd assume is the standard these days. Get it together FIDE.
    Edit: Chess24 also has coverage of the event with eval bars and better audio quality.

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