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  1. I wish I could watch this without having to see the chat. It's distracting, especially with so many backseat drivers in it who claim that they know which move to play even though they're like 300 elo.

  2. Why are the views at 8k but you have only a few like and comments? What the heck people, let’s get this chess channel to our fellow board-brethren by tickling the algorithm.

  3. 36:56 bishop vs knight and a pawn endgames are very rarely draws. This position was most certainly lost for white, however black misplayed it.

    45:00 then maybe look into KID theory? It’s definitely an opening that you have to know how to play as white if you play the queens gambit.

    1:09:23 d4 pawn was straight up just hanging

    2:03:29 you should play Nf6 before taking on e5 as white has no way to defend it aside from with their knight and then your queen gets out without having to get attacked

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