Rapid Chess vs Aronian (World #9)

Eric plays a game against Levon Aronian in a recent edition of the Rapid Chess Championships on chess.com.

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  1. Eric what do you think about D chess

  2. When Big Chief survives the opening theory / preparation, it's not an easy work for anyone.

  3. For real chessbrah please what is the name of the beats you play🙏🙏🙏

  4. Eric’s tactics are very strong. Levon’s position looked nicer in the mid and early late game but finding that Bishop pin idea won him the game.

  5. Love seeing you play against the best of the best! Keep the games coming

  6. Levon underestimated Eric.
    Opening up his kings side like that was very risky.
    Eric punished him with some excellent bishop counterplay.

  7. Eric had Levon going pipi in his pampers on this one! Great game!

  8. ran this through a sim and with perfect play Eric was winning in the position at 8:02. End game would lead to Eric being up two pawns.

  9. Levon Aronian. That's some big game you're hunting.

  10. That hat makes Eric look like a kid at the mall who can't find his mom

  11. first time I can type in "chessb" … and you guys are ahead of chessbase India. Sick!

  12. Eriks rating has dropped loads right? Thought he used to be 2800/3000

  13. Great job.
    I have posted some new contents if you have little time

  14. You need to rename the video getting you beat Aronian!

  15. Congrats Eric, you were struggeling in the mid game, that was very enjoyable to watch, i felt very happy for you in that comeback!

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