Rapid Chess to Help You Sleep

Eric plays some Rapid Chess that will hopefully help you sleep and learn a thing or two..

Game 1 00:30
Game 2 20:10
Game 3 36:58

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  1. I was starting to nod off, but then that auto-resigning bs started happpening, irritating me, waking me up in anger.

  2. I'm laughing too hard to sleep now. Thanks! Very Entertaining!

  3. I see youre going for Chess Network and Eric Rosen's throne as the best chess channel to fall asleep to. Well the more the merrier.

  4. In the beginning you say its good that the pool was low rated because its more relatable. But I completely disagree. I'm a super low elo guy, but I rather see you play an opponent who sees what you see more or less. It's kinda boring to see you win on obvious mistakes.

  5. I actually loved this, some nice chill chess.

  6. Yo how come noone did this yet. I usually sleep to agad or daniel king, but when you boys don't put techno on in the background we have a deal yo

  7. Wee need a Chessbrah and ASMR Chess collab ASAP!!

  8. This is powerful stuff. I fell asleep just from looking at the thumbnail.


  10. Looking through the comments made me feel less cooked love y’all

  11. I remember the days of the hippo speed run, this takes me back

  12. Sleep series very welcome mate, many thanks from the UK 🇬🇧

  13. dude you won the first game with 0.9 seconds on the clock

  14. I really appreciate this.. nice relaxing 😎 chess!

  15. I prefer this type of content. No music. Mellow voice. Just chill.

  16. at 1:59 you missed dark squared bishop to g5. defends the pawn with a pin and develops a piece. Im only 500 elo but i was really happy to spot that.

  17. I'm today years old when realised I'm not only one who's been sleeping😂

  18. this is good content thank you chessbrah for

  19. That 1700 found a decent defense to your pawn on d7. Might be ready for the big time.

  20. This video is equivalent to taking a Xanax (or any other benzo) before bed. Love it

  21. Thx for this video. I watch it to fall asleep most nights

  22. Love this content, barely got half way the video before I dozed off in the middle of the day lol; very effective, thanks Eric!

  23. Lost my sleep when you didn't play M1 😂

  24. Bullet GM guy playing rapid? Bro whatta heII bro

  25. more of this would be awesome. would also be great if you read out the moves so we could follow along with eyes closed

  26. hey dude maybe your edm puts people off, I mean you might get some good traction without it

    oh maybe what should I call it


  27. Please make more of these. Eric rosen vibes in these – love it.

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