Rapid Chess Is Too Slow For Hikaru

Hikaru plays in the February 19th Rapid Chess Championship with exciting 10 0 games vs Deac, Svidler and Fedoseev. The full broadcast is up on @MoreGMHikaru















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  1. That first game ending was really impressive

  2. I’ve been pronouncing it “zuhg zwaang”

  3. Even Hikaru’s blunders sometimes get an exclamation point.

  4. It is funny when Hikaru uses the phrase “Ok you guys” or “I know you guys”.

  5. "If I lose this game I lose this game" Game sense only a true GM can have!

  6. Traders Joe’s humus wrap! For some good body fuel ! Love too see it

  7. Tfw when you’re 2 minutes down on time and Hikaru starts speaking German

  8. Why he big brain boy and me smooth brain boy ? 🙁

  9. What the Heck is sugg swang? xD in Germany we call it Zugzwang^^

  10. I'm saving this zugzwang from the first game its probably the best example of zugzwang I've ever seen.

  11. I was a bit more interested in what he was eating than the game 😭😭😭

  12. Me encanta oír a Hikaru hablando español

  13. Hikaru: "Oh you blocked me because I kicked your ass 21.5 to 5.5?"
    Live Results: "A draw will get you to the finals. A win will knock him out"
    Hikaru: "Screw the draw, I will make him suffer and knock him out. Too bad bigfish."

  14. Primero vez que Hikaru habla español primera vez que entiendo algo que dice.👀

  15. does anyone know why Hikaru isn't playing in the Champions Chess Tour on Chess24?

  16. Spectacular work man… beautiful wins all the way through.

  17. Hikaru went from saying it's a draw to I am winning so causally

  18. LMAO! I thought it was Manny Pacquiao in the thumbnail.

  19. that secondary handcam just makes me feel like im watching a king doing his daily streaming life.

  20. Naka is making money and relaxed. But my fear is if he makes so much money and leave the game all together.

  21. 13:54 Can someone tell me why not g3 and after hxg3, Kg2 to unpin the bishop, if Hikaru trades all the black King if too far to defend the pawns of the kingside .

  22. No wonder you got covid dude keep your dirty fingers out of your eyes. If you want to wipe your eye use the inside of your shirt

  23. Hikaru hablando en Español es supremo 😂😂🥰

  24. "I'm already off to a bad start" says while playing a position seen 10+ times in master games

  25. 1st game was so great. Love how you played it out and realized you could win!

  26. Does anybody know why he stopped putting the chat on the screen?

  27. 13:02 "A Sugswan." Totally killed me. The german Z is pronounced like ts in the russian tsar.

  28. whats the background soundtrack hikaru is using in the video?

  29. Hikaru: Mucho mucho excelente!
    Spanish people: 😂

  30. why the white pieces just kept doing Rf2 Rf3 in late game?

  31. me as a 1000 trying to figure out why its a draw

  32. that was some really informative chess video….good game

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