Rapid Chess Championship | Week 4 Swiss | Hosts Naroditsky and Seirawan

The Chess.com Rapid Chess Championship is a world-class online rapid event series for the top-100 players, top 10 women, and top 10 Juniors in the world alongside 10 wildcards. These chess stars will be able to compete in weekly Swiss and knockout events to fight for the top of the standings and their share of the $650,000 prize fund—the largest prize fund in Chess.com’s history.

Rapid Chess Championship 2022:

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  1. I am hating yasser seirewan. He is worst commentator ever

  2. Dania and Yasser… what a treat! love you guys

  3. Yasser a little unprofessional with his stories during the chess games. And I loved every minute of it! Great stuff.

    Seriously though, he knew when to cut the story short and get back to the chess. Really entertaining! Gives me hope that as I get older I might stay cool

  4. Hey Chess.com admins, we all need more Yasser commentary. My man’s laugh is too pure for this world, loved his Spassky story too btw lol

  5. You get a berlin draw, and you get a berlin draw, everybody gets a berlin draw.

  6. These two guys just make you smile. That was a lot of fun watching this top level chess with Yasser and Danya on the call. Great stuff!

  7. Why did they fire Tanya and Peter and Judit?

  8. I love (LOVE) this event, but at 2:53:05 I get you don't want increment in a large swiss event, but outright losing for black here is absurd in a tourney you want the top 100 in the world playing. This isn't a gimmicky bullet tournament, it's the best in the world playing in a rapid time format (i.e. supposed to be "quality" chess). Add a +1 increment, or even a 1 sec increment after move 40 (to keep round times more consistent), I don't care. Last week we got to see two top players in a rook vs rook (yes, just a rook vs rook, dead draw) making pointless moves just because someone was low on time, getting flagged. Why would I want to watch that, and why would we subject the best in the world to that? There is plenty of excitement in a +1 increment game. We don't need this pretend excitement in order to make the RCC a good event. (end rant, and my apologies for it)

  9. Repeating everyone else: Yasser was a ton of fun to listen to, since he has so much rich history. That Spassky Karpov story was awesome. He needs to be a on a chess podcast for 3 hrs.

  10. YS a national treasure. He's had many life times and still going strong. Congrats.

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