Rapid Chess Championship | Week 4 Knockout | Hosts Rudolf and Seirawan

The Chess.com Rapid Chess Championship is a world-class online rapid event series for the top-100 players, top 10 women, and top 10 Juniors in the world alongside 10 wildcards. These chess stars will be able to compete in weekly Swiss and knockout events to fight for the top of the standings and their share of the $650,000 prize fund—the largest prize fund in Chess.com’s history.

Rapid Chess Championship 2022:

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  1. Levan not leaving the interview while Yasser is praising him was hilarious. Might be one of my favorite chess moments ever, love these guys

  2. Why the commentator laughing like a fool ,

  3. We need Daniel or Hess. These two are garbage

  4. I want Yasser to do a show: Yasser morning coffee and chess. It would be lovely.

  5. Yasser way too slow, like 4 moves behind the live position…

  6. Yasser! Lovely! I've missed the S:t Louis coverages, still my fav. chess commentary productions.

  7. This commentary is so bad . They analyze the game when moves are being played and we want reaction on live position and not what could have happen .
    We want hess back

  8. I love this new format and we've been having some really exciting chess the last few weekends. However, as some others have pointed out maybe not in the most respectful way, this time around we've missed some crucial action because of the analysis happening at the same time (for example Nepo – Paravyan rapid game and Hikaru – Aronian BLITZ game), which is a pity and clearly goes against the climax of the games and the show. This format requires a specific speed for analysis or else you miss the action; and I think you simply don't analyze on screen during a blitz game. I love the work your doing Chess.com with this new golden chess era, but this time around you've got clear room for improvement. Cheers.

  9. I like the peaceful talking of these two commentators.

  10. Love this format/tourney/etc. But chess com needs to do commentating like other sports: have a play by play guy, and a color commentator. Hess/Danya are great play by play guys. Yasser is a great color commentator. The programming suffered today because they couldn't keep up.

  11. This was frustrating to watch. We're missing key moves because the commentators are slow, not paying attention to what's happening and overwriting the live board with their made-up moves. I'm not here to watch commentators play, I want to see the Live board on the main screen at all times!!! We should be able to follow the game even when the sound is muted, too. If the commentator wants to have his little imaginary game, put it in the bottom right corner or something (although it's fine when the host is Hess or Naroditsky, they can be trusted to keep track of what's happening while theorizing).

  12. Commentary needs to focus on the play by play as the game moves

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