Rapid Chess Championship | Week 2 Swiss | Hosts Naroditsky and Hess

The Chess.com Rapid Chess Championship is a world-class online rapid event series for the top-100 players, top 10 women, and top 10 Juniors in the world alongside 10 wildcards. These chess stars will be able to compete in weekly Swiss and knockout events to fight for the top of the standings and their share of the $650,000 prize fund—the largest prize fund in Chess.com’s history.

Rapid Chess Championship 2022:

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  1. A maniac move it might scare,wonder,or stupefy an opponent into making a bad move they tend not but couldn't be worse you know,lol.

  2. This was absolutely first-rate commentary. Bravo!

  3. the NFL is also guilty of changing the time controls in the playoffs. during the regular season, the overtime is 10 minutes. in the playoffs, the overtime is 15 minutes. in the knockout round here in rapid chess, the time control increases to 10 minutes plus 2 seconds increment. Hikaru has mentioned many times during his stream that 1+1 bullet, 3+2 blitz, 10+0 rapid and so forth is NOT the same as 10+0 rapid, 3+0 blitz and 1+0 bullet.

  4. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  5. Time scramble eggs at the time trouble cafe

  6. 36:42 – 'Rc2 is such a classy Russian move, (Russian accent) no you no pushing pawn' hahaha

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