Rapid Chess Championship | Week 11 Swiss | Host Naroditsky

The Chess.com Rapid Chess Championship is a world-class online rapid event series. Chess stars will be able to compete in weekly Swiss and knockout events to fight for the top of the standings and their share of the $650,000 prize fund—the largest prize fund in Chess.com’s history.

Rapid Chess Championship 2022:

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  1. respectfully, what's with danya's eyes at the intro?

  2. Removing all the Russian flags is still a stupid gesture.

  3. Danya what happened to your right eye in the intro?

  4. What was up with Danya's eyes in the beginnig that looked unhealthy

  5. What opening does a feline play in an online game?

    The Cat-a-LAN

  6. 3:02:29 would love to see a chess world championship with the world's best badminton players, who have never played chess before 😀

  7. I think Danya was using a filter that made your eyes do the "O" face meme thing

  8. Vidit qualifies 😍❤️
    All the best VD 🥳🥳

  9. Brilliant performance by Naroditsky! We miss the chit chat with a second commentator, but when alone his flow of excellent information is amazing.

  10. Wait, what is Naro doing with his eyes at the beginning?

  11. Watching Naroditsky's coverage can temporarily increase my rapid rating 50-80 points. I cruised to 1500 last night after watching this. Unfortunately all that Danya magic has worn off this morning and now I'm way to overrated.

  12. Danya bringing his A game in solo commentary this week. 👍👍💯

  13. I'm scared to think what the commentary would be like with anyone else flying solo (except Hess). Danya killed it.

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