Rapid Chess Championship | Week 1 Knockout | Hosts Naroditsky and Hess

The Chess.com Rapid Chess Championship is a world-class online rapid event series for the top-100 players, top 10 women, and top 10 Juniors in the world alongside 10 wildcards. These chess stars will be able to compete in weekly Swiss and knockout events to fight for the top of the standings and their share of the $650,000 prize fund—the largest prize fund in Chess.com’s history.

Rapid Chess Championship 2022:

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  1. Ian looks like a retired world champion who lost all his money in a Russian casino.

  2. Ян красавчик, гоу в доту

  3. Great start for this exciting new format! Nepo was clutch indeed. I can't seem to find the standings on the website, would be nice. Thx.

  4. @chess.com: Please don't do this weird close-up thing during time scramble. The one with the board in the middle and the huge, blurry half-faces of the players to the left and right? Nothing is gained but plenty of information is lost. Also, it looks ugly.

  5. Well fought anish. The only lost match of this tournament for anish had become a deciding one.

  6. Haha Ian commentating about the chess24 tournament

  7. arjun missed a draw and thereby missing the knockouts

  8. Naroditsky and Hess are the best commentators so far in terms of commentating excitement.

  9. Poetic justice for nepo winning the final against giri who had a lot to say about him during the world champiomship lmao

  10. naroditsky and hess are the best host on any chess platform…that is all

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