Rapid Chess: Battling 1800s

In this video, I play two games against 1800-rated viewers. The first game features a Ruy Lopez Exchange variation while the second game features a London “Barry Attack” (a popular way to meet black’s King’s Indian setup. This video was originally live streamed on Twitch in July 2019.

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  1. music is nice but i prefer silence and your talk. just my opinion.

  2. thank you sir.. i love these. what a treat for saturday night~!

  3. I’d rather have no music than peaceful music during chess . Your voice is calling enough 🙂

  4. I love Pad See Ew. Used to work at a Thai restaurant and I would always get that after my shift is over.

  5. Love watching these, any tips or books a new person to chess should use?

  6. we youtube fans were beginning to think we had been forsaken

  7. 2:50 Same here! lol
    Wait…. this video was posted an hour ago and it has 434 views… what is this the twilight zone?

  8. I played a game today where he trapped my queen but I also trapped his queen later

    …delayed queen trade?

  9. I’d let Eric checkmate me with g5# lol
    I played f4# earlier this month it was amazing

  10. This is the most helpful because it’s hard looking at beginner and gm level thinking vs my average thought process

  11. Your voice and peaceful music together, and I'll be lucky to stay awake for five minutes. I do love your videos and have learned a lot. Time to go to sleep, good night 😴

  12. I just watched your video from a few days ago – "Trying to break 2700: Bullet Battle vs GM Naroditsky".
    That video had music, this one doesn't, and comparing the two – I much prefer no music. Another difference is that this video looks like chess to me, but the bullet game looked like another game altogether. Please tell me, how in the world do you learn to play bullet chess. There is so much material and advise on YT, on how to play better chess, and I think much of this material can be useful in playing Blitz-10, but almost none of it seems very useful for playing Bullet chess because it encourages careful thinking. Note – I do not want to learn to play Bullet, but I very much want to learn to play Blitz 3-2, because every week at the chess club I recently started going to, there is a Blitz 3-2 tournament, and I am doing embarrassingly terrible at these games. I suspect strategies, exercises, and ideas for Bullet can help me in the Blitz 3-2 games I regularly play at the club, so any help will be much appreciated.

  13. with all due respect Eric I love your chess, but I hate that music. very distracting

  14. Discover check, interference, threaten the Queen and threatening mate in 1…. all in one move. Very nice 🙂

  15. Question for you Eric. Aside from chess, what other stuff do you like to do?

  16. i was in ur chat yesterday drunk asf, and this is what i wanted in ur stream but i got a yt vid 🙂 so tyty also drinking today reee

  17. they were most certainly ghosting, just saying. at least the second one for sure.

  18. 22:51 it has to be one of the most beautiful moves ever played. Sadistic-level move.

  19. So smug. I wish someone would whoop his ass already

  20. can someone explain to me why king cant take queen at 8:33 please

  21. Please mention the opponent rating when you play a game. Its too small to see.

  22. 1:57 Couldn’t your opponent take on B2 and after you recapture, take your knight on D2?

  23. Dude, do some exercise, chess is not everything.

  24. "Castling is very respectable, but let's try not to show too much respect".

  25. Old videos of Eric have no "Oh no! my queen!" Move 🤣🤣

  26. In second game, is Nxg6 before Nc8ch (slightly greedier) more efficient? As a Go player not a chess player, those little efficiencies are appealing! 🙂

  27. Yeah, please no music. I like your voice. You are a 'natural' speaker and it is pleasant to listen to you discuss your move ideas without distracting music.

  28. 1800 on Lichess is not 1800 Fide. Not by a long shot.

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