Rapid Chess against Hikaru

Eric plays a game against Hikaru Nakamura in a recent edition of the Rapid Chess Championships on chess.com.

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  1. Eric lost his pawns. Please support this guy.

  2. Eric gonna keep growing because he's a mf-ing grinder

  3. I am watching Eric after months …what happened to Eric's face? It looks bloated as F!

  4. Proud of myself for thinking the LSB trade was a bad idea

  5. This must be old. Hikaru will never play Eric again.

  6. Never thought I'd see Hikaru on this channel again.

  7. eric with the bills hat?? is he one of my people?

  8. this's a very good advanced caro game.
    Thanks Eric for bringing this in

  9. time to learn some stockfish lines on destroying the karo

  10. We'll get him next time, keep on rocking Eric!

  11. Playing an opening that references an opening your opponent played in one of their important games at some point seems kind of like in jazz you might play certain riffs from an improvisation your collaborator did at some point. It’d be cool to have a memory of chess openings or riffs like that lol I have neither.

  12. Man’s got the thumbnails of Gothamchess and hikaru chess

  13. Its funny how you all surrender when you face him.And he is not even that good.I'd be ashamed if I were you.

  14. Glad to see your playing chess with hicky again

  15. Hey Eric. Love the game, can I make a suggestion? From a distance watching the game it's hard to see the difference on your board between the previous move and the board color. Also I think you need a better mic. I can hardly make out what your saying sometimes

  16. If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best.

    It's not a tough pairing, it's an opportunity to be better than that dude.
    If you're lucky, you get Carlsen next.

  17. could eric not just have had the opportunity to take the pawn on E2 ??

  18. Eric played for fun else you could have kicked hikaru s ass…

  19. I like seeing more featured high-level rapid games

  20. Even though they had some kind of fallout, chess still unite them

  21. Stop playing the advanced, and learn the classical variation. 3.) Nc3

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