Rapid, Blitz, and Puzzle Battle Showdown! | Team Chess ROUND 3

In one of the most anticipated rematches in Chess.com history, team Chess.com (GM Robert Hess and IM Danny Rensch) square off against team Chessbrah (GM Eric Hansen and GM Aman Hambleton.)

The Chessbrahs have won the previous 2 matches of TeamChess…can they complete the hat trick and get three in a row or will team Chess.com grab their first victory?


  1. I think I understand what these guys are doing in a normal game and then they come up with that Puzzle Rush in 3:35:05 where they destroy all my dreams

  2. No matter what when you play the Grob, the best thing you have to look forward to is the rest of the game!!…..hhahahaha

  3. So much entertain, keep going this format! 👍🏻

  4. This is great! Please do more matches with this format

  5. I love these matches, super fun to watch. Thanks for the upload.

  6. The first game shows why positive thinking is not always good. The piece sac was garbage.

  7. I love this format and the team chemistry. Very entertaining. Good job guys!

  8. Ketchup on pizza??! Man, Canadians have it bad.

  9. How many years does it take to rattle off all those files and ranks by number and letter?

  10. When i watch this it makes me realise how little i understand . Notation gobbledygook is hard to understand for me .

  11. Danny has the energy of a college freshman who found people who watch the same anime as him and I love it

  12. That “imagine having to play Danny for your last GM norm” is a next level troll by Eric.

  13. what about bishop H5 I don't see a downside for that

  14. I think Danny is just made of 100% organic cringe

  15. Hey, thanks so much you guys for your contribution to the bushfires here in Australia! Much love to you!

  16. I think this would work better if in a game we only hear one of the teams. More suspenseful about what the other team is planning

  17. Has anyone noticed Danny loves saying “castle long”?

  18. A simpler time, when the world was only burning down literally.

  19. Most people prolly think Danny is a cocky jockstrap. But i love him



    Danny: I mean…. “YOU DIRTY DOG!”

  21. so much juvenile humor and too little wit

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