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#Rangam Movie Starring #Jiiva, #Karthika, #PiaaBajpai, Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivas Rao, Ajmal Ameer, Jagan & others. Directied By K V Anand, Music By Harris Jayaraj. Produced by Jayaraman.

Aswin (Jiva) is enthusiastic photojournalist working in a news daily called Neti Vaartha. Two female reporters Renuka (Karthika) and Saro (Pia) are close to him and both love him but his heart beats for only Renuka. On the other hand, a politician (Kota) and Chief-minister (Prakash Raj) try everything to come to power again in the coming elections. At the same time, a young and highly educated leader Vasanth (Ajmal) fields in the same elections and campaigns rigorously for clean politics. Aswin wholly supports Vasanth and publishes photos of wrongdoings of Kota and CM. At a massive campaign meeting of Vasanth, a bomb explodes killing several people including journalist Pia. This bomb incident creates further sympathy towards Vasanth and he comes to power. The film then throws a surprise twist.

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  1. Movie was hit just because of harris jayaraj music and after the movie was hit by story

  2. Naa Entire life lo intha goppa exciting movie ippativaraku chudaledhu. What a beautiful movie. Awesome, mind blowing, superb, amazing. 👌👌👌

  3. Appatlo nellore polytechnic lo unnapudu nyt show ki velli chusanuu😢

  4. E movie chusi aina media vallu siggu techukoonte bagundui

  5. Rest in peace KV Anand sir, i still feel your loss, your moral views and technical details in every bit of frame are unmatchable, Indian film industry lost a huge star.

  6. Rangam Movie Nenu, Maa Nanna, Chelli Kalisi Vijayawada Yuvaraj 35 MM A/C 1st Show Choosamu 50 RS Tickets Cost Balcony Loo. 2011 Loo

  7. Excellent movie except for the subtitles.
    They are not synchronized 😢. So we missed alot of the dialogue.

  8. Vasanth some looks like jagan🤔

  9. Ee movie climax and dark knight movie climax same…….only movie lovers can understand

  10. Ayya re release these movie once againin theaters

  11. Tha scenes between hero and heroine 💕💕💕just addict

  12. 42,01 e scene lo naku ardam kavadam ledhu Akada oka villan chustadhu kada hero ni mari anduku andariki chapaledhu vadhu

  13. Movie lo heroine ringtone ento telsa evarikaina ?

  14. K.V Anand # Harris jayaraj £ super movie…. ❤

  15. Hero azmal ni choosthe acchaam jagan mohan Reddy character choosinattu undhi

  16. 2023 lo chusanu movie nijam ga movie fantastic 😍😊

  17. శింభు అతి చేసి సూపర్ సినిమా వదులుకున్నాడు..

  18. why do indian movies have the dances all through? boring 😮

  19. I want 😫 re release please do sir please etuvAnti movie malli appudu chudalam

  20. Super👌 movie❤ Tow lovely ❣️Song's🥰 BGM😘

  21. Whole movie is on one side and title cards are on another level

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