Quickest Miniature in World Rapid Championship 2021 🔥🔥

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  1. How is Nc6 better since He chekmates right after?

  2. But even after the rook is captured the king can re capture and with pawns on a7 and a6 can move forward but before that the king should move out of the rook's way an then Rb7 threatening the bishop if not moved and threatening the pawn from b3, capture it and then move the Black's pawn from a6 to a1 so it can transform, another possible scenario is if the white castles and then move the rook to b1 defending the pawn from b3 so to counter this is move the pawn from a6 to a4 so if white captures black's pawn from a4 then Rxb1+ so the only possible way for the king to escape is to g2 resulting Ra1 threatening White's pawn from a4, capture it, move out of the a7 pawn's way and move it forward until it gets to a1 and transform having a lot of advantage

    If you can find a way to counter this attack from black or if you see a mistake let me know

  3. please anyone say me that which music that is?

  4. Really hard to see a good move in chess, i play chess 3 year i just have elo 2345 it's so bad

  5. Dude, your shorts are absolutely amazing

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