Quest to 2600 | 7 CRAZY Rapid Chess Games

In this video, I compete in the Rapid Chess Arena on and try to reach a rating of 2600.

0:00 Deep Prep vs Scotch Gambit leads to INTENSE ENDGAME
18:15 Instructive Italian Opening — ALMOST PERFECT GAME
37:10 Aggressive Line vs Closed Sicilian gets WILD
55:10 Super Aggressive AUSTRIAN ATTACK vs Pirc Defense
1:16:32 Jobava London leads to CRAZY ATTACK
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  1. Anyone know where his hoodie is from? I’ve seen Naroditsky with a black version. They’re pretty cool.

  2. 1:20:00 I like Potter Pawns, Like Harry Potter's lightning bolt scar

  3. Ggs! Yet for me such a short chess video 😁

  4. Much better than blitz, which is way too fast for me to follow.

  5. It's funny how our brains work. I've had the same thing happen to me that happened to Eric at 1:15:06. Qa2! picks up the rook, but he only spots that Rxg7 loses to Qb2!. Same idea, but obviously easy to miss when you've got seconds on the clock. Still, always feels good to see something a titled player misses, no matter how much the odds are stacked in my favor πŸ™‚

  6. Man, the move C4 by your opponent around 5:30 is impressive
    Never would have thought of that

  7. These are my favorite games and streams to watch

  8. People thought tomatoes were poisonous because they used to have plates containing lead, the acidity of the tomato drew out the lead which then poisoned them

  9. Nice! I’m still grinding in the 1000’sπŸ€“

  10. Feeling super welcome when greeted with β€œyou’re just in time”.
    Eric as wholesome as ever.

  11. Eric: I'm on a QUEST to 2600!
    Me: Wow
    Eric: I'll start with 2592
    Me: …

  12. Wait, there was a cut at 12:21, that was weird. Thought I was tripping for a second.

  13. I'm disappointed that there was a chance for the Evan's Gambit and you didn't take it.
    But thanks for the video anyways πŸ™‚

  14. Black getting a tempo at 1:09, never seen that. feel like it's philosophically relevant lol a useless move isn't actually useless

  15. 0:40 what about this scotch gambit is not scotch gambit? πŸ™

  16. 1:20:00
    Pawn caterpillar, because that's the way a pawn cube gets itself to move, just like a caterpillar : by expanding and retracting.

  17. Tolla54 account who played perfectly in game2 is closed for fair play violation

  18. if you are white, an italian
    out of context so crazy

  19. love the rapid content, keep it up :))

  20. 39:45 If that knight on A4 were a camel then it would be smothered mate by capturing on B7

  21. Day 9 of asking for Chigorin/Spanish as Black in a long time control game

  22. Java Coding Community - Programming Tutorials says:

    Good luck on your quest :D, we are with you

  23. 40:34 – that is a triple fork opportunity. In a legit game, what is the most number of pieces you have forked with one move?

  24. you talk so quietly I cant hear you when it rains and it rains a lot. help me out editor

  25. Love the longer game videos they're really instructive and very much entertaining. Thanks very much.

  26. Great video Eric, really enjoy the longer time controls, it gives lower rated players like me more time to digest the position and hear your thoughts on it. Please keep them coming!

  27. This is called " grades gambit " which I played by watching the whole stream

  28. 39:45 Funny enough, if the knight was a camel, the camel xb7 would be a checkmate

  29. Now that the queen of england is dead your "oh no my queen" merch makes more sense

  30. The hourly "was I ever better" tournament…

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