Punishing Common Mistakes in the English Opening | Dubai Rapid Chess Round 2

In this video, I share my round 2 game from the Dubai Rapid Chess Tournament. The game featured an instructive English Opening.
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  1. I find the move order 1.Nf3, Nf6 2.c4 the most annoying to play against w black as it prevents …e5.

  2. Just started playing the English in the past month and it's really helped me develop as a chess player. Happy that this video exists, but also sad because it means that people will become more aware of the common mistakes lol

  3. I only play the English. I both love to see this because I can learn more, and hate to see it because now more people will be prepared for my madness

  4. This series shows your true strength, Eric. One day viewers get crazy gambit tournaments, the other day you pull out super educative analysis of English sidelines.
    Keep up that mix! 👍

  5. Can I play the Sicilian against the English? Kinda like a mirror

  6. Even though I knew it's in Dubai I misread it as Dubious Rapid Chess xD
    Which would make total sense with Eric.

  7. As black, facing C4, can you easily force a transposition into a queen's gambit declined with E3 or nf3?

  8. Eric used to mainly just hang around London, but he has expanded his horizons to Englund and English as a whole. Perhaps, in time, he will be experienced in the United Kingdom as a whole.

  9. English opening is kryptonite against me

  10. So London, English, Englund, Stafford…Eric seems pretty anglo-centric for a well-traveled guy.

  11. Loving this series. Thanks for all the excellent content!

  12. Was Neg5 an option to save the king side pawn structure?

  13. I've actually been teaching myself the Botvinik English lately as something that will get many of my tourney opponents out of prep while still being very playable against better players.

  14. Can you make a video on Max Lange attack?

  15. Opponent played very well until he blundered, but seeing the rating difference I'd still say he played really on point

  16. If there's an equivalent tournament up here in Canada, I'd love to play 😂 being ~1500 and getting beaten by some real pros would be tough, but just getting to meet Eric would be totally sick!

  17. Nice game. I like to click +1 on all the comments.

  18. This is a great example of using sound chess principles to just gain an advantage in the opening.
    Nothing too flashy, or risky, calculating when needed, a slight surprise opening, well done 👍

  19. If I played against you I would lose, but I would enjoy playing until the bitter end.

  20. I like. Not only do I like to follow a series of games making a tournament, but I like the educational comments on the tactical thoughts.

  21. Eric, I don't watch your channel often. However, this English vid was riveting. I would watch more English games, both W and B.

  22. Really enjoy these analysis videos of your own OTB games, thanks!

  23. fuck yea, hardly anyone cover The English, and its my main opening and this video is very helpful, thanks Eric

  24. Thank you a lot for the recaps! I'm really loving them 🙂

  25. You never mentioned English before 🙂 could you make more about it?

  26. Won my fastest game ever with this opening. Had 8:48 left in my 10 min game before he resigned!! Ty so much I've learned so much from your videos!

  27. A reversed Taimonov but without E3 so the big question is, doesn't black have some fun and excitement with N-d4 when the queen goes to c2?

  28. Very nice.
    Interesting game, unusual theory, entertaining.
    I'm curious where you picked up the ideas for this opening and line (if you don't mind divulging a possible close secret).
    It's a bit off beat as far as English lines go, not something I've seen written about and appears very logical… A bit trappy so I can imagine it appeals to your taste.

  29. I have had quite a bit of bad luck in the past defending against 1. c4. You really have to know what you're doing against a large number of possible lines.

  30. Eric, I look forward to a video going deeper into Bellon gambit theory ^_^

  31. if you spoke a bit less calm, it would get my attention a lot more, now i often get lost doing other stuff while your videos are playing

  32. 11:00why not Nfg5? U trade and then take the night on d5 and if something like bh3 u have Qf3?

  33. I just went to my first tournament and played every game with the english as white. Won every game, no one knows about this opening, its amazing!

  34. At 10:35 doesn't Ng5 work? Bishop take, knight takes, queen takes, queen captures knight in the center
    Edit: queen covers mate on g2

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