Praggnanandhaa outplays World Rapid Chess Champion Nodirbek Abdusattorov | Tata Steel Chess India

The current World Rapid Chess Champion Nodirbek Abdusattorov was not looking in good shape on the first day of the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2022. In round six he faced the latest Arjuna awardee Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. Can the world champion bounce back?

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. India is a country where only legends born 🔥😎

  2. Nodirbek is good .
    Alhamdulillah 🇺🇿🇺🇿☝️☝️

  3. If you are astute, the body language tells all. Great game by both players.

  4. love to see nodirbek blazing comeback on last day.

  5. it is game, sometimes you can win, sometimes you may lose, Nodirbek is playing in India and among many Indian players, he is under really high pressure, it causes to be stronger for Nodirbek, in the future we will see more stronger Nodirbek

  6. How can you be so calm with 3 seconds left on your clock and your opponent has 50 seconds in hand and still go on to win the match so comfortably ?
    Simply Wow 😲

  7. don't forgot vishy the champ. also Abhimanyu mishra the youngest GM his mom and dad both are indian. most young best player are from india. and even don't forget about Anish giri. there is something special about indian subcontinent blood.❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  8. 9:25 why did nodirbek moved his king back? And did not capture pawn with rook?

  9. Can you pls attach a chess board Board to show all the moves
    Would really help.

  10. The usual tata steel coughers are present this year as well. Welcome back coughers

  11. Nodirbek is not in a good phase of play. He seems to be looking for precise things in his shots. Like a warm-up. I'm sure he'll live up to our expectations after such a year

  12. Nice bettel between both of them finely prag won

  13. Reupload this video with board. Very hard to visualize

  14. Pragg….well discipline and focus
    Easy rook and pawn ending

  15. No turning back for Nodirbek, he went all out! Good effort.

  16. Great coverage but hard to keep up with the side view of the board. Tactical moves require atleast 2 times of going back and forth 10s to understand. Would be great if you could add a digital chess board coverage as well

  17. idk why saravanan sir was laughing did anything happen?

  18. Why uploading in a hurry without 2d board? Place camera bit higher for better view

  19. Description makes it seem like this was from the rapid portion, but it was from the blitz portion.

  20. I don't understand how will one know what is happening in the game if u show as if it is physical game. Atleast show digital board or give commentary. Happening for long now

  21. generally i find pragg not doing well, whenever he is into much of public interactions. Now, he had been to this award ceremony etc and joined this event only for the blitz part…
    So, he has not done well here, loosing many games.

    When he is undisturbed and left with his natural focus on the game, he does well.

  22. Please have a board with eval bar on the side!!

  23. Finally our Legend, Praggnanandhaa is back 😈

  24. Notice how sloppy at the end Prag puts his pieces back versus Nordibek's neatness

  25. Always a symphony of coughing at all of these events. If you're sick, don't go!

  26. Everybody who is talking about Nationality, Shut Up!

  27. 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿✊✊✊

  28. Assalomu alaykum Nodirbek we always support you

  29. Нодир все равно лучший💪👍

  30. Pragg! You re the next champion the World !!👌😜🤩🥳

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