Pokimane is a Natural at Chess


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  1. Hikaru: e4 e5 Nf3 Re1


    Pokimane: boom baam boom baam

  2. And then pokimane called Hikaru a broke bitch and told him Magnus is better.

  3. Wow 😮😮 impressive as a beginner,beauty and brains fr

  4. The music really throws me off like she made a blunder when it’s a brilliant move

  5. Pinned comment is slightly wrong, it should be-
    From this moment on, Hikaru has referred to the queen as Pokimane

  6. The fact that Hilary himself edited that is just mind blowing

  7. boom, bam, boom, bam: she slide her rook into your heart Hika, doesnt she? 😏

  8. she is moroccan she is naturally born with tactics skills hahaha if someone visited morocco will know what i am talking about😂

  9. No Hikaru nooooo not like this. Anyone but her.

  10. is Hikaru teaching Pokimane or are they just talking as friends and battling casually? (Pokimane: Chess specialist, Hikaru: GM)

    Pokimane had the mindset of Levy Rozman by sacrifiCING THE ENTIRE ROOKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  11. Who plans on destroying Pokimane in chess?


  12. Im 1700 peaked 1800 and i did not even see that immediately like she did in 5 seconds. She is lying. I dont know why but she is weird like that. People seem to associate chess with intelligence so acting like a beginner and seeing everything somehow makes her a genius in other's eyes?

  13. Yeah and she’s a natural at being a b@tch

  14. Damnnnn💯im proud that hikaru is making beginners to think like Gms

  15. This is an excellent find as a complete beginner. Generally, only ELO 1050+ will see this that fast.

  16. Bro really found that tactic but didn't know whether checkmate was "good" or not

  17. Pokemon takes protein powder to level up 😂

  18. It was at this point , we will start completely a new game . Bam !!!💥💣

  19. takes takes takes takes meets boom bam boom bam

  20. A lot of streamers actually have college degrees or were going and we usually forget that lol. I'm not saying they're geniuses but Poki for instance was majoring in chemical engineering before pursuing a streaming career. I'm sure you have to be able to learn at a decent pace to keep up in a field such as that, so this isn't too surprising.

  21. The semantics of transformative content (parody) and react content can be argued, but in this case it sincerely doesn’t matter. Let’s put this at face value.

    You took a movie clip that you didn’t make nor own and added captions to it with context to a game you didn’t play. Hikaru took your modified movie clip of which he didn’t make nor owned and reacted to it (added voiced content). The difference between what you did and what Hikaru did was one added text in a comedic fashion and the other added their reaction (voiced content) in a comedic fashion. While what Hikaru did is a reaction video, the amount of commentary that he provided became additional content with context to the video. What you did was transform the viewer experience from what they would have experience viewing the original movie. What Hikaru did was transform the viewer experience from what they would have experienced viewing the original clip you made. Isolating this specific case what you both essentially did was the same thing with different methods.

    You mentioned that you put 8 hours into making those videos which is involving putting effort and creativity to make something people would enjoy or find funny. The thing is, it also takes effort and creativity to create commentary LIVE where viewers would enjoy or find funny. Even if there is a time difference, that is offset by a pressure difference. The reaction portion that Hikaru made had effort put into it, far more than most react creators do.

    And to go further with the parody argument. A parody by definition is (1) an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist or genre (2) produce a humorously exaggerated imitation of a writer, artist or genre. You didn’t create a parody here, you added text content from a different context in a comedic form. That isn’t an imitation of the movie nor its writing. You just made a meme. If you instead recreated the actual scene where you maybe changed up a few props like have the map look like a chess board or have the military badges be chess pieces and had the people acting say the text dialog you put in then you’ve created a parody.

  22. I believe I just noticed something that no one else has noticed. She actually makes an hypotetical “bam” black defense move after Qh7, but the engine obviously didn’t catch it. She didn’t notice it was a checkmate, she thought black had at least one more move available. We will never know what was that move on Poki’s head and why did she think the game was not over yet.

  23. Terorist: She speaks my language. Boom baaaang kaboom

  24. I think I’m pretty good at Chess but I once played a grandmaster and he beat me in 3 moves. I was so mad I tried again and he beat me in 3 moves, Like HOWBRO. How TF do you weasel your pieces into my King in only 3 measly moves!? ♟️

  25. The last "bam" by Poki was probably an illegal move in her mind.

  26. From this moment on, Hikaru has referred to Pokimane as a queen

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