Play bullet and blitz to improve as a beginner… for real :)

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  1. I prefer rapid. Not so fast that you can’t think, not slow enough to be boring.

  2. On the first day i'm at 600. Three days later i'm approching 1000, currently at 978.

  3. Lady listening to erik Satie gnossiene no1 has class

  4. I reached 2200 on lichess and began to play in a club. First year I almost won all my games because they matched me with low rated players. There is a big difference, but you can still use the blitz experience big time in long time control

  5. Yeah, it's experience.rar
    You need to play many games

  6. You need to play a bit of longer time chess e.g. 30mins etc first just to develop an understanding, then fast chess will develop your intuition and mean that you can make the best moves in less time, potentially giving you a time advantage over your opponent who may take longer to find that move

  7. I’ve never seen a woman so happy in my entire life.!!

  8. I played a bunch of bullet chess and my rating plummeted to 500. (My rapid rating is 1000)

  9. Honestly 1000% agree with the title of the video

  10. Blitz games are fun, but they have ruined the beauty of the game. Bullet games are even worse. It feels like going to casino, make a bet and hope for the best…bleah

  11. A beginner needs to study theory, classic games and develop tactics. Playing fast doesn't help if you have no idea.

  12. I don't like bullet and blitz cause the amount of mistakes i make would make me unable to sleep

  13. Hambleton is completely wrong. His reasoning is that is how he improved, but he is a gm. Of course once you get situated with the game you start lowering the time limit, but right at the start playing 2 minute games is the worse thing you can do to improve. The only time what I just said doesn't apply is if you are losing interest in chess. Then whatever keeps your interest is the most important thing to do.

    I think playing 10 minute games is the best for a beginner (10 minutes for each player).

  14. I feel like I play way worse Blitz games after I played a lot of bullet

  15. He gave no actual reason to not play longer incraments except "20 mins in you may have to take your dog for a walk and have to resign", thats no reason, it's your fault for starting a game whcih will most likely go over an hour if youve gotta go out in 20 mins, id rather play chess slower but better than fast and worse, ive seen multiple super gms including hikaru say play longer chess to games to learn as you wont learn anything doing speed chess

  16. Thanks for the support! Next episode will be sometime in the summer.

  17. Worst advice ever. If you want to improve your chess skills, don't play Blitz, and definitely don't play Bullet.

  18. i can’t believe i have never seen that checkmate trap at 2:16, must try use!

  19. Yeah like that's how he improved from 2200 to GM

  20. I like bullet and fast games but it feels very ping based and since I have bad internet sometimes I would move and just literally wait 10 seconds for my opponent to move only for the 10 seconds to transfer on my timer and then I lose on timeout

  21. To be fair, I WAS decent at chess and then played exclusively bullet for weeks and now I can't think ahead in chess anymore. So I can't play normal chess for shite… but I am rated 1000+ in bullet so lose some win some lmao

  22. I disagree with Aman. 30-minutes or 1-hour chess game is better than a bullet or blitz because it improves the quality of the player's game. Quality trumps quantity in chess. I played a blitz game before and I have gotten worse. Since then, I decided that I will never play blitz or bullet until I reach more than 1100 ELO.

  23. I have only played bullet over 30k games when i started playing blitz It was super easy. Right away i was at 1900.

  24. I play 3 | 2 and 5 min online, mostly for fun. If I wanna improve, I'll play 10 min

  25. You play with pure instinct/intuition when playing bullet. Rapid and classical help build that, calculation as well.

  26. I'm not taking chess advice from someone that has an overlay that says "no tactics" lmfao wtf do you mean 😂😂

  27. Love Eric but after this video i'll never be able to stop looking at his nose move while he speaks ever again

  28. It’s kind of like when poker went online. The more hands per hour (or, in this case, games per hour) the better for you in the long term. I wasn’t able to follow the middle game lessons before I had seen the positions many times in real life.

  29. Absolute beginners should play 30 minutes, then move to 10 minutes after a dozen games, then try out blitz while playing mostly rapid and gradually move down after a few hundred of each level

  30. What chessbrah is saying is that its better playing blitz and bullet than nothing, i think that he doesnt disagree that classical is better for improvement because makes u calculate more but is more boring too.

  31. Hikaru literally plays blitz whole day since he was 10 and is a super GM for 12 years

  32. after playing bullet a lot, i realized i remember more openings and how to defend silly attacks by sub 1000 ratings players easily. i have around 2k games in bullet, you will learn some tacits and silly tricks and how to have fun with chess, my rating is around 1100 in all time controls, bullet , blitz and rapid.

  33. Playing 3 minute blitz, I learned so much! It taught me how to think on my feet, look ahead of the board (to keep on time), and generally get more chess experience in.

    I will review my games after, find stupid, silly, and funny mistakes to learn on. It's great!

  34. “You know how many times I’ve done that as a 9 y/o kid!” 😂

  35. I'm a beginner, like 700 rated in 10 minute games and I blunder a lot. But when I play bullet, I don't know what I'm doing and have no time to think about moves. I wanna be able to play bullet or 3 minutes at least, but I just blunder a lot more…

  36. I had a brilliant move en peasant mate 😂

  37. After doing dozens if not hundreds of puzzles with the queen sac smother mate in the corner of the years I only ever got 1 in a game

  38. I agree that beginners are going get bored with 30+ min games (especially young kids) but I think 10 min games are a good middle ground. play all the blitz and bullet you want but you probably need to also play some longer games if you want to eventually improve

  39. I play 1 minute bullet and 3 minute blitz feels to slow for me honestly

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