Pinkamena (1402) vs H. Danielyan (1359). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. Exelenye juegooo ! . Pregunta el los títulos de los videos ,el número que esta entre parentesis es el ELO del jugador o son la cantidad de partidos ?? Gracias

  2. she is going to be a really good player, already better than me

  3. I love when Pinkamena plays and today she is bright

  4. I feel happy and sad for that guy at the same time. He is happy he beat her but the sad part is that is probably his highest acheivement in life.

  5. Pinki you need a candelabra with that jacket! 😂

  6. Another good fight back from Mr Danielyan… slipped out of Pinka's grasp.

  7. In the late game, she moved her king to one side, allowing him to take control of the center. From there, he was able to pick off all her pawns.

  8. !Alta calidad Pinka, y brillas como una estrella!!!

  9. Y el seño parece el tío de Pinka….o no??

  10. 𝑃𝑖ꪀᛕꪖ❤️ꪑꫀꪀꪖ✫☆✰
    Es humana, no es perfecta, pero es brillante ✨✨

  11. WHY do you play Tfe1 and after that Na4 you play so bad there, after you play Tfe1 you must play e2-e4

  12. Protiv naše Pinkamene gospodin Danielyan već po drugi put, posle njegovog prvog poteza i kod razmišljana drugog poteza: sav nervozan, vrti kao sa nevericom glavom, kao ne zna gde će. Po čemu to, taktika neka? Hej čoveče drugi potez tvoj a ti se praviš da paničiš!? Ugledaj se na dete preko puta tebe koja je staložena i uživa u igri!! Napred Pinkamena 💪💪👊

  13. Pinka is so sparkly today.
    She needs to brush up on her N vs B endgame. She should have prevented Black's King from infiltrating.

  14. Pinky did not play well even with 1 extra minute on the clock.

  15. Very well played Pinkamena! You were that close to a victory!

  16. That was a good game. 15:34 Danielyan seemed very embarrassed by his mistake mid-way through the game. He shook it off with a laugh, though. lol

  17. This is amazing, I think this is the first time I see Danielyan win against Pinka, he has shown dedication.

  18. Excellent game by Danielyan, whose rating hardly reflects the strength of his play.

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