Pinkamena (1399) vs D. Kofanov (1274). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. 13;24 Pinkamena tuvo su oportunidad…R2d .

  2. educational game, if you down a pawn and only the queens are on the board, you lose

  3. Pinkamena loves pins. Gonna call her Pin-Kamena 😂

  4. На 15:20 минуте Кофанов обманул Пинкамену….At 15:20, Kofanov deceived Pinkkamen….En el minuto 15: 20 Kofanov le hizo trampa a Pinkamena

  5. For his rating, Kofanov played surprisingly accurately

  6. at 15:19 min ???? that move of pawn ? can anybody explain that ? why he takes thant pawns

  7. смотрел Пинкамену года два назад, жаль что нет прогресса. Шаблонные ходы, такие же размены.

  8. Is this the Chess Olympics. 😅
    Good game Pinky.
    You played your little heart out.
    Pinky, they say you cannot play chess if you are kindhearted.
    Is that true?

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