Pinkamena (1344) vs A. Ignatiev (1611). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. Пинка -сестренка фаталити чтоль
    Внешняя схожесть + один взгляд убийц)

  2. Очаровательно… особенно в 20:34. Принцесса разобьет несколько сердец более чем одним способом, прежде чем она закончит ♟️


  4. Стратегически пацан полностью перекатал Пинку. На зевках, да на вилках далеко не напрогерссируешь.

  5. Moment when she tried to hide her smile 😂 … It's priceless ❤❤

  6. Congratulations, Pinkamena! Excellent game!

  7. 😂 почему она с наушниками

  8. Was a good game to watch. Don't insult the boy. He made mistakes and that is the game. Who make less mistakes takes the win. The girl made a good game and I hope that the boy learn from his mistakes and improves his game. There is nothing to be shame with😇

  9. Encendió la mente de mitad de partida en adelante , esa torre gratis fue tremenda

  10. .P🦄i🐘n🦊k🐼a🦏m🐮e🐶n🦁a.

  11. The rook gift gave pinka a smile that made her bite her lips. Twice.

  12. There's no one better at playing from behind than this clever little fox! (yes, I know they're not fox ears)

  13. The very last move of the game, why wouldn't she take his rook?

    The pawn takes back but she still has her knight there.

    She also has two more pawns that she can promote.

  14. Well calculated moves of a knight destroyed the defence backbone of opponent.

  15. There is not alot of emotion when players shakes hands nicely in chess it looks quite disrespectul.

  16. Пацана жалко. Ксюша молодец

  17. Передвигатель фигур,а не игрок.Очень жаль выигрывая,профукать так.

  18. Ce n'est pas Pinkamena qui a gagné la partie, mais Ignatiev qui l'a perdue! Une énorme gaffe dans une partie gagnante…

  19. To his credit, he continued to fight despite the blunder.

  20. When I see her beautiful smile and happy face I am very very satisfied 💪I love you Pinka ❤️💪🏆❤️

  21. Что это за рукопожатие такое ? 🙂

  22. Con errores y todo ganaste y eso es bueno, además el rival está con mejor puntaje.Te felicito.

  23. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the Earth. Pinkamena solid as usual.

  24. And another victory for you Pinkamena! Wow good game!! 🙂

  25. Молодец Пинка, ну не без везения

  26. Mil felicitaciones Pinkamena…!!!! Eres única mi niña Genio

  27. Boy could not hold under pressure and blundered the rook and lost from there.

  28. Пинка, красота! 😂🌹🌹🌹

  29. A good win in the Pinka Style.
    It looked like Black panicked and blundered his rook. 😂

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