“Piece down”: GM Rinat Jumabayev – GM Alexei Shirov, Slav defense, Blitz chess

Mikhail Tal blitz chess memorial, Riga, 2019
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GM Rinat Jumabayev – GM Alexei Shirov, Slav defense, Blitz chess

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Qb3 dxc4 5. Qxc4 Bf5 6. g3 e6 7. Bg2 Nbd7 8. O-O Be7 9. e3 O-O 10. Qe2 Ne4 11. Rd1 Qa5 12. Nfd2 Ndf6 13. Nb3 Qb6 14. f3 Nd6 15. e4 Bg6 16. e5 Nf5 17. exf6 Bxf6 18. Nc3 Nxd4 19. Nxd4 Bxd4+ 20. Kh1 Rad8 21. Bg5 f6 22. Bc1 e5 23. Ne4 h6 24. g4 c5 25. Rb1 c4 26. Qxc4+ Bf7 27. Qa4 Rc8 28. Bd2 Rc4 29. Qa5 Qc6 30. Rbc1 Rc8 31. Rxc4 Qxc4 32. Bc3 Qe2 33. Re1 Bxc3 34. Qxc3 Rxc3 35. Rxe2 Rc1+ 36. Bf1 Bc4 37. Rd2 Bxf1 38. Kg1 Bd3+ 39. Kf2 Bxe4 40. fxe4 Rc7 41. Ke3 Kh7 42. h4 h5 43. Kf3 Kg6 44. Rg2 Rd7 45. g5 Rd3+ 46. Ke2 Rh3 47. gxf6+ Kxf6 48. Rf2+ Ke6 49. Rg2 Rxh4 50. Rxg7 Rh2+ 51. Kd3 Rxb2 0-1
Blitz chess (also known as speed or fast chess) is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Openings, tactics and strategy are same.

The Slav Defense is one of the most popular openings with GM’s. This is for two reasons. The first is that it is one of the most solid lines to play against the Queens Gambit and with the Queens Gambit being a regular opening at high level play, many top players have become fans of this opening.

The Slav also allows for lots of different variations so those players that like to be creative and don’t like to play the same variation every game will really enjoy the Slav Defense because it offers just that.

In the second move black looks to defend his pawn on d5 with his c6 pawn. This is done so that his pawn on the e file can stay as needed and not block the way of the light square bishop.

In the main line of the Slav Defense white looks to dominate the center of the board and black looks to control the b4 square and later make a push towards the c5 and e5 squares.

Tournament organized with support of Coca-Cola company, Rietumu Bank, Tolmets, Latvijas Balzams.


  1. Same thing happened to me. The late Great GM Anthony Miles (then just an untitled teenager)dropped a piece to me carelessly right out of the opening in a blitz game in 1970. He sped up going for a really sharp path and I quickly lost TWO pieces and had to resign. It’s not easy when you realise you can win against a chess giant. The clock ticked down, (there was NO increment in those days just a red flag) my nerves kicked in, and Miles stayed incredibly calm which added to my nervousness.

  2. 7:50 The only trick on the board! 33. Ra1 or 33. Rc1 or 33. Rf1 or 33. Rb1 but not 33. Re1??

  3. What is going on with the clock ? Timer moved forward and backward. What is that for an effect ?
    Interesting game. Very nice and THANX that there is given the PGN, that anyone can figure out its own ideas. I think White was broken by the move Bc3, this seemed to hit him also mentally while both where under time pressure. Great game from both.

  4. 4:40 how does it take 1 minute and 43 seconds out of a 3 minute blitz game to find the move Qc6 when the Queen is being openly threatened by the knight???

  5. I like the way Shirov communicates with his opponent after the game. Top class

  6. Humility is Shirov he talks first when the opponent was heartbroken

  7. Блин с таким преимуществом проебать это просто писец..учись упрощать когда лишняя фигура..там было все просто чтобы привести игру до победного конца..

  8. Cómo hizo Shirov para ganar esta partida? Había perdido un caballo limpio. Y de repente, gana!

  9. I love watching Shirov play the Slav. He just seems to know where all the pieces are supposed to be. He took over one minute for that queen move, then just appeared to see everything else that might happen afterwards.

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