paulw7uk 2197 v 1609 Betermaga rapid chess (green dot) lichess

paulw7uk chess. this is 10-min rapid chess on
#rapidchess #lichess
we have another opponent displaying suspicous behaviour this game with the green dot showing disconnecting and reconnecting to the game whilst seemingly having excellent internet connection, so not leaving the site just the game.
0:00 game start.
0:20 dot
0:23 dot
0:35 dot
0:47 dot
1:15 dot
1:17 dot
2:13 dot
2:56 dot
2:59 dot
3:09 dot
4:29 dot


  1. I've seen this happen a lot in my Bullet games as well. But it's always a bit random if my opponent has an unnatural accuracy or not, so I'd try to not get too discouraged by this.

  2. it's funny how he had to check the engine to take the blundered queen at the end.

  3. I switch tabs all the time playing any game.

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