Part 1 | Rapid Chess Improvement by Michael de La Maza -Book Review and Thoughts

A review of the adult chess improvement program by Michael de La Maza.

In this part, I discuss Michael de La Maza’s background and accomplishments in chess and outside of chess and why his insights may be of value.

Adult chess improvement can be a slow and frustrating process. In “Rapid Chess Improvement” Michael de La Maza details the process he used to gain over 700 rating points in two years, capping his chess ascent by winning the under 2000 section of the 2001 World Open. Let’s see what we can learn from Michael’s accomplishment.

Here is a link to his book on Amazon:

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  1. Hey, glad to see that you are reviewing the book. I just received my 3rd copy LoL.I owned the book back in 2003 or 2004 and was looking to improve my chess then, but then I got married and didn't study chess.Later I thought I would pick up the game, and again bought the book, but never started playing. I'm now going to be 60, being playing on Chess dot come and want to compete and challenge my self and see if I can reach 2000 in 400 to 600 days.Michaele De La Maza and his book are a bit controversial.

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