Old Indian defense | Vedrickas – Casper | Rapid chess

Chess is sometimes friendly game. White had some advantage throughout the game, but draw was agreed before main events took place.

Tautvydas Vedrickas – Casper Thomas, Rapid chess, Pullman hotel rapid, 2020, Riga


  1. I am a beginner in playing chess but I like your video👍

  2. Saludos desde Cd de México quién ganó blancas o negras

  3. Who is sniffing over there all the time?!

  4. The player on the left is a typical table-yerker. But those tables are of good quality. Open tournaments are usually crowded with such yerkers in lower half. And tables after No 20 are by the rule some garbage from restaurants, and such yanking as in this video is bad news for both side-to-side player(s) and his opponent. Esipenko does it also. And many more. The only cure is such quality furniture.

  5. In 3.50: not 0-0-0…but g4!!!It's very strong move for white!!..f5 for blake is difficult to move!This is my think!!With 0-0-0,the blak has very strong move f5 played in game!!the attack of black is strong now!!….My personal analisies

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