OH NO MY QUEEN – Dubai Rapid Chess Round 6

In this video, I analyze my round 6 game from the Dubai Chess Club Rapid Tournament. The game features an instructive London Opening, a tense middlegame battle, and an eventual departure of the queen.
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  1. Going to tournaments with mandatory masks is contributing to the US bioweapon fearmongering

  2. Nice game eric! Im still wondering how your opponent is only 1940 with such great play

  3. I also say "oh no, my queen" but not on purpose and definitely always to lose shortly thereafter 🙂

  4. Loving the content as always, Eric! This was a super interesting tactical game – bad luck with the final result, and well played to Mr Sedrani. It was a bit of an unlucky pairing, really – the opponent's rapid rating of 1947 is hardly representative of his actual strength. Ammar Sedrani is in fact an FM, rated 2255 in classical.

  5. How does a 1900 feel when Eric’s done preparation against them?

  6. am i overlooking something or is the move pawn to f6 already lost for white? 12:27 black to move

  7. Thanks for the commentary. Very instructive. You're so optimistic. I would have been completely miserable in that entire game after Kf1.

  8. doesn't black have Qa5+ at 2:48 winning the bishop
    edit: just saw your edit so nvm

  9. At 12:17, isn't there Qa1+ instead, and when white plays Re1, black has Qa6+!, trading the queens? Seems like black is ok grabbing the pawn

  10. Some pretty bad blunders here, definitely played below your level here

  11. By the way, the opponent, Ammar Sedrani is a FM with a 2255 classical FIDE rating.

  12. 10:55 You should learn from Agadmator to give us a couple of seconds to pause the video, while you take a nice sip of your tea.

  13. 00:42 Notice how he has both knights pointing left like on lichess? lol

  14. at minute 13:18. What about Qd7, followed by black moves Re8. And then white Nd6. Discovery check and forking blacks rooks. Would this have been a way out of the position?

  15. This would have been a funny line… along the g-file

  16. At 09:00 black can play Qh5+ instead of Bf8. You then have to block the check with your queen, and so much for your mating attack… or am I missing something here?

  17. Hey Eric! I have a question regarding the stafford gambit. What if white plays 1. e4 1. e5 2. Nf3 2.

    Nf6 3. Nxe5 3. Nc6 4. Nxc6 4. dxc6 5. d4 ? How does black respond to the two pawns on e4 and d4?
    Keep doing what you do!

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  19. I'm inspired that Eric analyzes his losses with such great care. This is the hardest thing for me, when I lose I never want to see the game again. I'm convinced that analyzing your losses as Eric does so well here is key to improving

  20. This is an example of why Eric Rosen is among my top pick of YouTube creators. He shows his wins and losses with accurate commentary even when he is at risk of a loss. Congratulations Eric, your teaching skills are large. Creators like this are a reason I do not own a TV or watch broadcast or cable content.

  21. Oh no the pin 📌

    RIP Eric's Queen.
    & Until next time when you are resurrected once more.

  22. Eric feels like chess Bob Ross, and I am digging it

  23. Idk man. I think Eric needs to have a high ranking status. Like secretary of defense. No other person I know keeps it that cool under pressure.

  24. NGL i would have played the exact same knight move

  25. "I did some prep against his playstyle" proceeds to blunder a bishop in his trap

  26. h7 very easy to spot, tricks usually work for kids

  27. Lesson learned here: Castle early

  28. felt like that d5 pawn should've been killed early

  29. That really was a very sad “oh no, my Queen “ 😱

  30. should've worn a shirt that says "oh no your king" instead

  31. As a beginner I love how thorough you are explaining your position/ thought process. Thanks a lot

  32. Eric Rosen, the John Wick of chess with the Queen as his dog.
    And you don't want to take John Wicks dog…

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