No time for Magnus to think! | Giga Quparadze vs Carlsen | Commentary by Sagar | World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen’s opponent Giga Quparadze is known for his speed of decision making and play. He finds his moves and ideas at lightning speed. That’s the reason why the World Champion was always behind on the clock. However, that did not stop Carlsen from finding some amazing moves in the game. The way is makes use of the pawns is definitely something to learn from. But are these pawn moves enough? Was Magnus able to beat his opponent? Check it out in the video along with commentary by IM Sagar Shah. This game was played at the World Rapid Championships 2022 in round 9.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus took his time to make the first move….mind games

  2. hi comentator. can you not much talking? so annoying

  3. Commentator is 5000 elo. You can't convince me otherwise

  4. This commentary is unprecedented. This guy was so hyped the entire time.

  5. Magnus is the best silent trash talker ever and don’t even get me started on his chess skills..

  6. Imagine what was going through Gigas head after he made his first move and Magnus decided to get comfy

  7. Game was over when rooks was exchanged, Giga had to pushpawn to c7, it would face king to d7 and than rook to the 7th rank, i think that was the way to keep game

  8. 11:22 I do believe magnus had the win if he played bishop 4h the rook 1h

  9. If there is no commentary we can focus on game 🙊🤷 G bye

  10. Am I the only one who feels like Magnus going out of his way on the clock to mess with his pieces placement before making his first move is in it's own way disrespectful to his opponent? As if to say, the're defeat is and will be too easy– or something along those lines.

  11. The commentary is superb but why do sager shout so much?

  12. If you currently at 5 minutes and wondering if the commentator is going to sound like this for the whole game, then I'm sorry to say…yes.

  13. Why Giga didn't play knight at c3 at 06:44 ? to threat rook and protect d1 ?

  14. Subscribing due to the excellent commentary.

  15. "Magnus misses the chance"
    Meanwhile magnus thinking 47 moves ahead of the commentator

  16. "Magnus Carlsen's p*** understanding is phenomenal" 💀

  17. Love how Magnus is more concerned with his name badge and how neatly the chess pieces are aligned than the game clock… now that's confidence!

  18. This guy would be great commentator for a fighting match. 😂

  19. My guy has Giga in his name so what less is expected 🗿

  20. What a commentary sagar sir keep it up 👍👍👍👍

  21. This is peak commentary the play by play actually made it very exciting to watch.

  22. 12:30 What A Beautiful phrase "Magnus pown point understanding the position" and of course ground breaking commentary.🙏

  23. Class! Such good pawn endgame play by magnus!

    Definitely not intuitive to intermediate players

  24. Amazing commentary Sagar.
    Giga brought a fight wouldn't be surprised if he won that match. He is definitely a strong GM

  25. These type of players are the scum of the chess world, pathetic

  26. Quparadze Giga is an underrated GM. He should be like 2700s rated instead

  27. Hans Niemann can learn a thing or two from Magnus Carlsen 😂

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