Nihal Sarin Sacrifices The QueeeeeeN | Nodirbek vs Nihal | World Teams Rapid 2023

When two super-talents face each other over the board, fireworks can be assured. Though both the players had some chances, it was the Uzbek No. 1, GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov who was looking to break through the defense of the Indian youngster but will Nihal let it be easy? Watch the intense game to see what happens.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. That Nordic ,when he wins his all smiles,but when he loses he looks like he doesnt have a friend in the world,poor guy.

  2. Why did he opt to take the queen when he wanted to draw in the first place?

  3. For Few Seconds The Rook Just Got The Wings On The Board 😂………!!

  4. Wow, what a game! Congrats to Nodirbek, but much respect to Nihal for almost coming back 💯

  5. 3:17 was a pure tactical mistake… Most of the GM would have found it.. why using the Rook!

  6. 3:08 why was that a blunder move by Nihaal as per the bar. And shockingly Nodirbek missed it.. was it Bb4 pinning the Knight to rook?

  7. Clock is to left of Nihal, when black it should be playing hand usualy right of black

  8. How is Nihal’s rating still 2600?!?!???????????????

  9. someone please explain me that why here 8:39 do white king has not killed a black Rook?????🤨🤨

  10. Please sagar shah do some matches of fide in delhi

  11. Can anybody tell what is the move at 9.50 ?

  12. It's not a sacrifice it's my way of exchanging pieces.

  13. Nihal blundered when he brought Queen n rook in white zone n exposed his King without support

  14. They both blundered nihal blundered twice

  15. Did anyone notice that the clock is placed on opposite side🤔

  16. This Sarin creates beauty. The man-made Sarin destroys besuty

  17. Nihal had draw after a superb queen sacrifice…
    But he couldn't finish well….

  18. Pawlice has to walk on tightrope and water like Jesus. It's the ultimate balancing act to take just for earning a living.

  19. Excelente recurso de Nihal Sarin, lastima que no salvará finalmente la partida.

  20. Last me check diya to mara kyu nahi haati ko

  21. GM Alex Yermo analyzed these types of endgame on ICC insane difficult endgame to play. Both made mistakes, but Nihals Re8 move was correct approach counterplay

  22. almost had Nodirbek because he carelessly went after black pawn with Ra7, lucky he found Qf3 to protect the king it was almost over for him

  23. happy to see Nihal loosing, I don't like him at all, always staring at his rivals

  24. Increíble!! no solo la Dama tmbn su Torre!

  25. after a4 by Nodirbek
    Before Rb3+ check h42.Kg2Rg4+3.Kh3Rf44.f3 may be can hold

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