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  1. Congrats to Gotham Chess. Rarely laughed that much. “Kiss the ones you love. Make sure before they are the ones you love” 🙂

  2. great job L. you sir bring these moves and contexts to life and deepen our understanding as to the stakes these professionals deal with. okay . off to play more chess :).

  3. Whoever you thought won, they didn't, chess won

  4. Ding was the real #1 in 2019, outplaying Magnus repeatedly. The 2019 Ding finally came thru in this final game!!

    KingDing came back at the most critical decisive moments in Candidates and this Match!!

    Nepo may challenge Ding again in 2 years. But unlucky for him, Ding's prep will not be leaked again! Ding and Rapport will prep together in Hawaii or Iceland

  5. Gotham: "The new Classical world champion [was] decided in rapid which is weird"

    Like Magnus didn't win 2 world championships in the last decade in the tiebreaks…

  6. I have an exam tmrw but meh chess is more important 🙂

  7. "my pawn's hanging sooooo I'm gonna move it. hand gestures World championship solved. Queen f3 cracks neck AUgH."

  8. recap the whole series in one video ?!?! as always though, love the recaps individually. Keep up the good work, GC


  10. I had Ding winning before the tournament started but after that epic freeze I thoght for sure he would lose.

  11. I just realized that i have not been subscribed but I’ve watched levy for at least a year and a half 💀

  12. Magnus Carlsen definitely did the right thing for the show by giving up his title, perhaps neither Nepo nor Ding would have been able to compete against him, but between the two of them we had an excellent show, one of the most exciting title matches in history, had everything, many decided games, Ding's comebacks, Nepo taking the advantage again several times, Rapport's contributions in unusual opening ideas, moments of collapse of both players like when Ding froze in game 7 or when In game 12, after having an advantageous position, Nepo made the decisive mistake when he played f5 and instead of going 2 points up on the scoreboard, forcing DIng to win the last 2 games, the series is tied. Unforgettable moments. Unforgettable world championship.

  13. My brother. Long time follower. Have you done away with Guess the Elo? I really miss your more entertaining content.

  14. Anything where a Russian loses is good news

  15. He self pinned himself…….. with the ROOK!

  16. You know, my least favorite thing about this is that it doesn’t matter who wins, it doesn’t feel like they are actually the world champion for 2 reasons:
    Magnus Carlson exists
    It was decided outside of classical chess.

  17. NO WAY

    Awesome. I was rooting for Ding (mot for any reason, tbh; I just wanted him to win). He's ðe first world champion from China. Unbelievable story.

  18. I hate all little dick and eyes yellow bitches. FUCK YOU😃👍👍

  19. Только наш мог проебать всё что можно и шахматную корону… долбаеб что тут скажешь, лучше бы грузом 200 стал.

  20. My favourite part was when ding said: its dingin time, and dinged all over the place

  21. All your thumbnails make you look like you're on meth.

  22. Even though I'm a huge fan of both Nepo and Ding I was so happy for Ding when Ian resigned. It was a moment carved for an eternity. All emotions throughout the whole match that bursted at the end. I actually cried 😢

  23. MY MAN DING. I knew it. I just knew it. Ding has had a rocky history at times, but theres something genius about our boy.

  24. If we write Ding Lee Ren he becomes World Wing Chun Champion 😜

  25. his "name" isn't actually ding, it's liren. ding (which many ppl use to refer to his name) is actually his surname

  26. Hey bro
    Love your videos
    But stop BEGGING for subscribers, it looks cheap
    You already won streamer award and you already have 3Mil subscribers in a chess niche
    How much more greed will you have :/

  27. Pretty fun series for second and third place, because we all know Magnus is the world champ of our ages. Just saying.

  28. Ding is humble player . Congrats Ding this is a History in Chess.

  29. Levi: They drew lots.
    Me: Well yea, they're GM's…

  30. Lol. I guess its cultuaral thing but laughed.

  31. i actually watched it live and was so hyped when he went rook g6. Such an amazing game.

  32. If magnus played
    He would have definitely been the champion. But thanks to him not playing, we got an exciting world championship
    Looking forward to the next one. I must say I would never had followed it all if it were not for levy. Thanks levy

  33. I Think Levy has made more money making recaps than Ding has winning the Championship…

  34. I was rooting for king ding all the way. But i feel very sad to see ian's reaction. Anyways he went down like a warrior. And like ding said. Chess is fair. Some we lose some we win.

  35. Great result but until Ding plays Magnus he isn't truly the world champion. That's just my opinion.

  36. What, a great journey, Levy. Thank you. Pro tip tho – I miss your humbler days. You’re kind of unbearable when you think your a celebrity.

  37. Can you explain how white can't stop pawn of black didn't get it

  38. Many thanks for all recaps… Was a privilege regards from Portugal 🍻😁🇵🇹
    Keep going 💪

  39. We LOVE your recaps, Levi. Thank you ❤! Wow! What a World Chess Championship. My heart is bleeding for Ian and I am soooooooo HAPPY for Ding. Unbelievable drama the last 2-3 weeks. The ultimate winner in the end was Chess and there were no looser 😍!

  40. But is he really the best player in the world….. ummm I’m not sure about that… it always feels like if Magnus played this world championship nobody will stand there 😂

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