New Event!! Rapid Chess Championship

Hikaru announces the new Rapid Chess Championship. More info and















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  1. I just spam refreshed yt over and over waiting for good content to come out. Thanks Hikaru

  2. can you make a chess vedio with vishvanand anand

  3. Love all the double meaning of everything here. Chat was killing it lol

  4. These videos always put a smile on my face 🙂

  5. I love how long the chess24 events are. I love knowing I get to watch it every day for a week and a half. It's like a tennis tournament. 2 days it too short.

  6. Those 2022 OTB events will all get cancelled and everyone will be elated that the Meltwater events will still happen.

  7. Hikaru bringing the hate in this video. Not his best moment.

  8. I must feel super dumb, because I thought Hikaru was born in America and is actually from Japan.

  9. Nodirbek should have won up and coming player of the year of overrated Ali. He’s the next generations goat

  10. Chess24 format is very good at producing quick draws

  11. Let's f*ing go! I prefer 10 min no increment for rapid

  12. This is like Speed Championship but in a rapid format. Personally I like the Chess24 or the Meltwater more.

  13. Hikaru is acting as if CHESS24 is putting knife to his throat and forcing him to play. If he is not interested he can simply decline the offer and move on. It is pretty obvious he would be playing the Chess24 tour if not for this one.

  14. Lets all appreciate Hikaru greeting us twice bc he doesnt know that Mr. Editor can cut out the music while keeping the other sounds xD

  15. I would love to see 10 + 0 given that's the only time control I play.

  16. And here we are observing the shift of power, from Russian mob-governed FIDE to web companies.

  17. lol can't wait to see hikaru doing quick draws again

  18. How is cheating going to be mitigated with the slower time controls? It's the age old issue sorry to say. Every single player entered will have multiple camera setups?

  19. This seems somewhat like the ESL Open Cups for StarCraft 2

  20. great news! so day one there's 120 (maximum) on the first day, then the top 8 play the next day?

  21. Looking forward to this. When you involve players in setting up your structure, you'll make something that works.

  22. Does this in some way replace titled tuesday ?

  23. I’m putting my money on hikaru for sure. He wasn’t even feeling well and he beat That other tourney. Like he just needs to have a swell calm day on that tournament and boom grand prize

  24. There are so many chess events nowadays, it should be a lot of fun for top 100 chess players to travel, to play exciting chess matches and have a chance to win a lot of money.

    Also, for us, chess fans there are more and more exciting events and content to watch, especially considering the fact that chess event formats become more dynamic and chess content more diversified.

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