My Secret Weapon: The MEXICAN DEFENSE | Dubai Rapid Chess Round 1

In this video, I recap my first round chess game from the rapid chess tournament at the Dubai Chess Club. The game featured a Knights’ Tango Opening, also known as the Mexican Defense, leading to a very sharp and dynamic middlegame. Thanks to @IreneSukandar for the thumbnail photo!
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  1. Can you tell us more about the name of the opening Erick? Is it because of GM Torres ?

  2. Always enjoying your videos,thank you! But, after you played 10…Nh5, your opponent could play Nxe5,opening line for his Queen to attack your Knight at h5, which after all results with a loosing a pawn! Good for you ge didn't see this…

  3. Could you hide the move notations for the next video’s?

  4. Hey eric, I'm 1700 rated player and I'm facing a 2100 in our university tournament, I really like your opening traps and gambits. What do you think I should go for? It's a 1 game match.

  5. Were you playing dubious gambits because you were in Dubai, and were they Dubaious gambits?

  6. What was the time format for the rapid tournament?

  7. is it called mexican defense because of knights jumping over the pawn border?

  8. White didn't seem to understand how to play a king's indian structure

  9. Well presented. Congrats on the official photographerness. Now FIDE wants to know who makes your thumbnails.

  10. There are a few lines that are very difficult for Black to deal with. The a3 and/or h4 lines are especially troublesome.

  11. Listen man. I don't know how I got to your video. I'm trying to watch Starcraft 2 and you came up by mistake. Please go away.

  12. My mother actually went there in dubai chess club

    They also sell cheap and expensive chess boardsss

  13. Rather than the early E6, D6 is quite superior but there is a lot to the explanation of why. I hope to show Eric this line over the phone some day if he wants to see it, its REALLY FUN!

  14. Played this otb recently and got roasted by some FM friends that this opening is just a terrible KID haha

  15. Eric; Some 'slightly dubious' openings
    Me; that's what I'm here for bro

  16. Really enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting, Eric.

  17. I was hesitating with fxe4 because I didn't see that after Qxe4 you have Be6 which wins I think. However, you said in the video after Qxe4 you could also play Bxh3 or Nxh3, but doesn't white then have Qxh7 Qxh7, Bxh7 Kxh7, Nxh3 Nxh3 (Or Bxh3 depending on what black took on h3 with in the beginning), Kxh3? And that looks very equal to me

  18. I would probably try pawn takes E4, stressing white a little and aligning the attack on H3. Bonus being that as soon as the knight moves the white queen is attacked, and if queen takes back the bishop can always move up and harass.

  19. Thank you. Eric. I guessed right for Black's best move. PXP attacking the Queen. I need a, Oh, no, my Queen! Shirt. Sadly, I have blundered two queens after taking the opponent's queens. Best wishes always, Mark

  20. why tf eric got a mask on in the thumbnail

  21. At 11:45, when black takes on h3, doesn't black just have Qh7x+ Qh7x Bh7x Kh7x Nh3x?

  22. In celebration of your Mexican defense I ate a burrito after watching recap. Double enjoyment 🙂

  23. no respect for face diaper youtubers. Unsubscribed.

  24. It was a great lesson. I always says the best way to defend is to counter attack. I would have done that same pawn move as well. Good job Eric 👍🏻

  25. Ah… the mexican defense, the one where you start bringing on the Juans on the first two moves

  26. why dubai? It's "just" chess. But shouldn't we boycott Dubai?

  27. First the Ne2 Caro Kann, now the Tango… stop showing all my secret openings 😢


  28. Blessings 🎉❤️ I introduced my child with this Game

  29. Looks like chess is just memorizing positions, and its "trendy" to name a specific position to sound cool. And when a professional player see no similar position, then it becomes hard and they start to think. Hahaha pathetic. They spend their hole life memorizing moves, and not much of an own logic. Chess = Memorization. They are as clever as a new player, just with lots of memorized moves, nothing more.

  30. I love the Mexican, really interesting games

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