My Grandmaster Mom Played Chess Hustlers in Union Square Park

During our visit to NYC my mom GM Pia Cramling played some games against a chess hustler in Union Square Park. Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you thought about the games! 😀

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  1. Surely she was the hustler in this situation 🤣

  2. Wow he’s really good to hold his own like that

  3. How is this a hustle? Is it pay to play or betting?

  4. The thing that strikes me most about this is just what a lovely, sweet guy that "hustler" is. 😊

  5. Imagine using your parents to make money

  6. It’s so awesome to see you with moms killing it. As a man who doesn’t play chess, it’s amazing to see an art/sport where the mind is what matters. You’re a very inspiring woman. Your mom seems like the coolest lady alive congrats. 🙏

  7. I don’t understand why you call him a hustler. If anything, bringing your mom and not explaining her background makes you the hustler, no?

  8. That first game I wonder if she really jammed him completely mentally or if he thought she would slip up because the mate was foreseeable even for me and I’m a novice 😭

  9. Hustlers got a lot of practice and experience too. How exactly does a Grandmaster work or prepare to overpower them

  10. Whenever its a game of chess against a black guy hes a chess hustler 😂😂

  11. What is this speed chess? I love how proud of her Mom she is. Another cool thing is my sister is named Pia! You don't see that name very often at all.

  12. Love this video! The matches in the park are fun!

  13. Just because hes black doesnt make him a hustler

  14. The content creator, 1, wrongfully calls a very high level and gentlemanly player a "hustler" , 2, is just the most cringe thing about this video with her random comments. Just shut up and let us enjoy these two!

  15. I don't understand why he traded his queen for a bishop? That was the end of first game

  16. Dont even like chess, but this was a beautiful interaction, no pride..nada. very refreshing video 😊😊

  17. He placed and took his hand off then removed pieces. Cheated

  18. I think most would agree, calling someone a beast is one of the highest honors in competition, it means your enemy feels eviscerated and still has respect for you. ❤

  19. your Mother is super cool she got swag when she plays great energy

  20. you HAVE to stop calling black men chess "hustlers". just looking back at your videos over 2 years, the only times you've used the term "hustler" was for 4 black men, and everyone else is a "park chess player" or something much more respectable than the label you give black men… clearly some internal racism you should consider

  21. We trick lower level chess players. Congrats on acting clueless

  22. all these "genuine" guy posts lol..yea, when he's losing he's very gracious suddenly…

  23. Ouch that man is actually a staple of our neighborhood and not a hustler at all. I wonder if the title would be the same if he looked differently.

  24. They will call themselves hustlers, but leave to white people on the Internet to get offended on their behalf.

  25. Hustler? Are they playing for money or did I miss something?

  26. no man sitting in the middle of the park to play chess is a hustler

  27. Brother why does she keep knocking the pieces over you'd think she was cheating

  28. She borrowed that chess board and two dollars

  29. Only thing this fucking family can do is playing that game.. They immigrate with that game and now they bored us with that game

  30. Anna looking up and hyping her Mom up is awesome. Anna always sounds so proud when she mentions her mom's GM status.

  31. Women WFM's are far stronger players the men give them credit for!

  32. OG was extremely graceful, even though she knocked over the same pawn 2 times👀

  33. She went full try hard while we was being complimentive and chill. Relax a little mom

  34. Anna's smile and happiness for her mom is endearing.

  35. "I've got too many pieces at the end" was a mean flex. LOL

  36. I dont know amythkng about chess but i love watching how fast and fluid they play

  37. she even gave him extra time as the clock didn't register it a few times, maybe it's the glove

  38. I played that guy a long time ago. He stomped me. He’s one of the best players in union square. But she dominated him. Fuckin terrifying. She controlled the pace of the game from beginning to end.

  39. If your mom ever wants to get with a fat unemployed loser, hook me up

  40. I'm impressed he held on w a GM for that long. I wonder what his rating is

  41. What does your mom being in the KKK have to do with anything

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