My Game Against Alexandra Kosteniuk the Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion

Alexandra Kosteniuk vs Magnus Carlsen | Round 5 | CCT Airthing Masters 2022


  1. You should invite Ivanka to one of your stream session. She would be great benefit

  2. looks like a walk in the park for Magnus haha

  3. praise Jesus Christ He is Risen from the tomb God loves you seek His face, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom

  4. Good, Bobby would be proud. The man's right about everything he's said

  5. I enjoy playing chess, but I'm at a very low level. I'm curious as to how chess commentators operate when they're supposed to tell us how, what and why the player does what they do, when they're commentating on Magnus' play, they seem as clueless as we do until they suddenly catches up with Magnus' brilliant play.

  6. everything designed so that viewers do not and cannot think.

  7. Put her name on the video title shall we?

  8. The morale of this game :

    Women should get married, stay at home, raise children, prepare the dishes,
    do the laundry, and , why not , go shopping from time to time with the other housewives.

  9. The commentators make this unwatchable, need to just mute it.

  10. Oof the British guy talk a lot, sometimes as viewers we want to think and not be told the rationale. He's treating commentary like analysis.

  11. Rank 700 Vs Rank 1 in mens what a lucky person to play with the best

  12. Why does this chess broadcast feel the need to play gameshow music and play little tones for each move? This seems rather silly for a chess game. This is not Wheel of Fortune, this is Chess.

  13. Lmao there is even woman and man chess??? I get it why men and women don’t run 100m together but what advantage have men in chess?

  14. It's weird if you're imagining they could have sit there without a pc or whatever.. just sitting there..

  15. So, he has over half of that game memorized in his head, as the best moves. That's why chess is dumb. His memorization surpassed hers by move 14 in this game.

  16. I'm gonna win a bet if I'd say there's no ugly lady chess player.

  17. That commentator definitely has to learn to let the others talk.

  18. She has no clue on what she was doing. Sorry.

  19. At around 7:45 the commentator says that there's a free rook on the 1st row but the e3 bishop is guarding it.

  20. She was so low on time but she was so close to turning it around with QD8. Black continuing the check pressure will push white to KA2 which gives a turn of respite behind the B2 pawn to execute QG8 checkmate. Even if black responds with KG6, it will still allow QD8 to fork the rook, threaten the right side pawns and regain some tempo and board position.

  21. This video was excellent with the volume muted.

  22. Crazy to look at these two players foreheads and think about the insane sort of computer that sits inside those skulls. Human brains are incredible and these two particular ones are spectacular examples of what they're capable of.

    Yea yea chess computers yadda yadda. They can only do one thing, never met a depressed chess computer.

  23. This was a National Geographic documentary. Lion hunts and kills a baby giraffe. Brutal!!

  24. muted the video, suddenly it was much better to watch

  25. I find the commentors are too hung up on Magnus's ball sack. Yes he's the best player in the world, arguably all time, but his opponents are very capable and have good moments. From hearing the commentators speak, Magnus always has his opponent cornered after e4 e5. It'd be nice if they bring up good moves made by opponents and didn't write them off at the outset all the time. It even cheapens Magnus' victories as it makes it come across as if he won merely because his opponents are tourists instead of him being superior to incredibly strong adversaries.

  26. There's a separate female category in competitive chess?

  27. I really don't like that commentator he keeps predicting wrong and bad moves non of them actually got played!!

  28. J’adore la Finlande et les finlandais. Dommage que tu ne lises pas les commentaires.

  29. Et woman…..ce n’est pas très respectueux, n’aurait elle pas de nom

  30. Imagine at what level magnus is…
    When the former women's World champion was just bulldozed by him …
    Imagine the pressure she faces while playing him

  31. Not saying she is weak.. she is a world champion.. but the Mag is on another level..

  32. She had no chance women can’t play chess

  33. No surprises here. Great effort from the former champ.

  34. Magnus is that one gentle demon who will offer you trades and once you accept it he'll gobble you up in endgame

  35. Yeah let's look at their faces, because that's what's important than chess. Right??

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