My best win against an IM in OTB Rapid Chess (Baka Mitai)

One of my best combinations I’ve ever played (I found Rc3 with 6 seconds left!) The time control for the game is Rapid (15min w/ 5sec delay)
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#chess #brilliant #blunder


  1. when i was like 9 i flagged an IM by trapping his king in a box and just going back and forth check with my queen even though I was totally lost. The 3 move rule didn't exist on whatever website it was so I flagged him over like 30 seconds and I took the dub

  2. The only problem with this vid is that Baka Mitai means “what an idiot”

  3. i got a brilliant move first game today

  4. You dont have to put baka mitai in every damn video you know ?

  5. Plot twist: He/She ain't human, it's the best ai to ever exist and all his inaccuracies were just not understood by the weaker ai.

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