Magnus is called GOD of ENDGAME for a Reason | Pragg vs Carlsen | World Cup 2023 Finals

World no.1 Magnus Carlsen plays a fantastic endgame, and takes down Praggnanandhaa in the first 25+10 Rapid tiebreak game with the Black pieces.

Praggnanandhaa is in a must-win situation with Black in the next game to level the scores and force further tiebreaks!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I don't know chess
    who's won this match

  2. Pragg ne mistake कर दी वहा उसका हाथी और राजा पर चेक कर देता घोड़े से हाथी मार लेता pragg

  3. i dont understood how he win last moveee anyone explain plss

  4. Did he call off the game that is Prag ?

  5. Losing to Magnus ?? thats achiviement alone

  6. I don't understand the game i mean the game is not over why prag was defeated

  7. out of 19 games with each other magnus won 8 times against pragg and pragg only won 5 times against magnus and 6 draws. so Magnus is already a 🐐

  8. Pragy has got very bright future, he is future champion for sure!! Next time when Magnus meets Pragg , then surely he will loose..

  9. If pragg manage to get little bit more time on clock then he will win

  10. Why are only kids in this tournament? Is there an age limit? I'm new to chess

  11. Shiyas shafiq by parvez 007 Tajuddin buhari

  12. Can i play with you i have a mythic and best legendary

  13. Bhai jeeta koun mujhe to kuch samajh hi nhi aaya😂

  14. Pragg the pride of India🎉🎉🎉🎉

  15. Magnus pretends as he in nervous but he definitely win the match

  16. I love to see how Carlsen crushes everyone without caring too much

  17. Any one explain how he lost i dont understandd please 😅

  18. Can someone explain the end of the game to me? I'm a novice hoping to get more in to chess. Couldnt black rook move to back row for check, then take white rook, then bishop who plays defense, and then you exchange for black rook (if you're white)?

  19. why was game stopped at the end? And they just shook hands

  20. Why people from india who dont know anything about the game are saying proud of you proud of you. you are so young let me tell you people chess is a game where you have to be young when you wish to be at top every top gm you see today became GM at average 13 years . Magnus was 21 one when he won the world chess championship. Learn something about chess there are players far beeter then pragg like alireza who are young . Dont do cheap nationalisms. This game has nothing to do with country.

  21. This kid is pretty good, hope he sticks with it!

  22. For those who were confused. I'll explain it simply, The Black rook goes down to A1(that's the colored green two steps down where the king aligned) and then that's it checkmate.

  23. At 4:11 pragg has good chance to move his rook to kill knight

  24. Why magnus I don't know what happened at end🧐

  25. You guys are playing fast and good

  26. Did pragg lost Prags king had one more slot to move how he lost

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