Magnus is Back! Knockout Stage Division I | Aimchess Rapid Day 1

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen tops the field for the Aimchess Rapid, the 4th event on the $2 million 2023 Champions Chess Tour! Watch the games on an interactive chessboard:

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  1. I don't understand ! In the past they had the perfect set. David, Jovanka and Simon. They were precise and sometime funny. Kaja Snare was leading. We were watching the most interesting game and time to time having a quick look to an other game.
    Now I'm thinking of a football game wher a crazy director would show the man without the ball. (I'm french so please don't blame my bad english😉)
    I'm french so don't blame my bad englis

  2. I don’t get the point to jump from a board to another while games are ongoing. It’s hard to follow

  3. Danny should not be a commentator. He is an international master, not a grandmaster. Also, he is way too self referencing.

  4. why in the last minue the time is up and down ?

  5. I suggest to focus on just one game going after every game is messy we miss important parts of almost every game 😭

  6. Regarding Tania: On the one hand it's always nasty to get fire from a crowd. On the other hand she is arguably constantly dramatising EVERYTHING. Like " 1. D4, WHAT A GENIUS MOVE, IS THIS THE BEST MOVE EVER PLAYED, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE ARE WRITING HISTORY HERE??" Often it's really ridiculous. She could take feedback in a little, tone down a little bit , and still be a temperamental beautiful commentator. Also she somehow explodes every vowel. Even the word "and" sounds really aggressive. Maybe she could make an effort?!

  7. I dont understand why Sachdev is on this video. She is so tiresome I now watch with the sound off. Maybe i'll just stop watching if she's going to be there.

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