Magnus Carlsen’s shocking blunder against Artemiev | World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen had been on a roll at the World Rapid 2022. He was leading the tournament by one full point with 8.5/10. In the 11th round he was up against Vladislav Artemiev. The position looked dead equal, so equal that Magnus lost his sense of danger. And then this happened! A shocking blunder!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Charlsen strong ok….but serious problem at brain!

  2. Magnus carlsen immitates hairstyle of hanns nieman lol..

  3. Why not Cc5? The horse in c5. Someone learn to me ….

  4. I think Magnus's behavior at the board after the blunder is unprofessional.

  5. It's funny. Carlson is so full of himself he can't stand it when he loses

  6. 0:27 find the CREEP in the background. TIP: he is taking photos, but not just any photos, he is acting like taking photos of chess, but in reality taking photos of girls.

  7. Artemiev be like, "Oh wow. You could've fooled me if this was a poker game, bro."

  8. I really dislike the video editing. I very much enjoy watching the players as well as the chess.

  9. why he left, can someone explain exactly why he had no chance to win or at least draw?!?

  10. Carlsen gestures look like he has been taking real pills 💊

  11. Thumbnail is Magnus about to make a 2000s rock song

  12. Can you please explain why this was a blunder and why couldn't he have saved the queen and the knight?

  13. someone please tell me why carlsens move was a blunder??

  14. Black has reached the equal position very easily till his big mistake. White's pure intention was draw at best. Only white queen has passed the row 3 till the mistake.

  15. Carlsen le hizo mucho a la mamada para rendirse. No es la actitud de un GOAT, en mi opinión.

  16. i suck at chess. but why does magnus let his queen get taken when there are many safe squares?

  17. Artemiev carries ice water in his veins 🙂

  18. So did the match end in a draw or was that a resignation by Magnus?

  19. If magnus did that against me I wouldnt forgive him either!

  20. Sometimes Magnus Carlsen has a behavior overated, he arrived the last in the table, he is the champion of chess, he is celebrate he could to do the first step for shakehand his opponent Vladimir Artemiev in hope him a good game, the thing of Magnus Carlsen hasn't done, it is not an obligation ok, Vladimir Artemiev was wainting for the shakehand of Magnus and like Magnus didn't, Vladimir Artemiev didn't so, Vladimir was received for the handshake, he's humble, he's a gentleman, maybe shy?
    He has not dare to handshake ( shy )

  21. wasnt it better to save Queen+Rook and give up Knight? Queen+Rook has better fighting chance that just with a Knight

  22. At 2:10, could Artemive use en peasant if he moved the D4 pawn?

  23. А зачем извеняться за победу? Странно.

  24. i prefer when there is a board overlay, i hate watching the pieces from the side

  25. Carlson stop drinking alcohol and meet with the girls at night! Chess chess and nothing but chess!

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