Magnus Carlsen’s second Jorden van Foreest too strong for him? | World Rapid 2022

Playing your own second is usually very difficult because the second knows your style and many of the things related to your psychology, preferences and much more. However, it is a two-way stream. The player also knows his second very well. And Magnus seems to enjoy playing his seconds because when it comes to psychology, Magnus is the undisputed king in the world of chess! But can he manage to beat Jorden van Foreest – the man who helped him to retain his crown against Nepo? Check out this battle in the 6th round of the World Rapid Championships 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. อนุวัฒน์ ศรีวัง says:

    Magnus playing like a god would be a competition full of cool

  2. That was ruff. Title made me think it was going to be close but Jordan hung so many pawns. He’s def played better against magnus maybe was the opening

  3. Hans having a mediocre tournament so far – in 31st place –

  4. My guy lost the pawn game rq.. not a good defence vs English opening

  5. Stop doing time skips and just play the whole thing uninterrupted. Jeeze.

  6. Watching Magnus Carlson play is like watching elite artist paint 🎨 . 🥲 bravo bravo .

  7. Pls provide digital board for Magnus games aswell. It might take more time but its really helpful for the viewers. Thanks

  8. Don't give misleading titles and lose credibility.

  9. 4:56 the editing left out Re1 for Magnus and gave black 2 moves in a row Bxf6 & h5. LOL. Magnus has taken a liking to having his knights on e2 & d2 or e7 & d7 as black. Why do these guys push their pawns to h5 and maybe a5 in the opening only to lose them in the middlegame and have a losing endgame. I know they've never heard that as pawns advance the become weak and subject to attack LOL.

  10. Magnus began chipping away and removing those Black Pawns just like they remove Stones during an end of Curling. 🎯 – j q t –

  11. At 1:21, the way Nepo looked at Magnus I thought for a moment that he would wrestle him to the ground.

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