Magnus Carlsen’s revenge vs 18-year-old Abdusattorov Nodirbek | World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen lost the World Rapid title in 2021 because he lost a crucial encounter to Nodirbek Abdusattorov. Due to that victory Nodirbek went on to become the World Champion. Now exactly a year later, the two have clashed once again. This time in the 4th round of the World Rapid 2022. Will the Classical World Champion beat the Rapid World Champion and get his revenge or will the 18-year-old youngster strike once again? Check out in this video!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I don't know much about chess
    But people say magnus is the best player currently
    But I don't understand how he lost to an Indian kid

  2. Adhiban will be proud of magnus carlsen 💜💙

  3. From Magnus' post match interview:

    "I followed an old plan which was really introduced by Bobby Fischer around 1970 when he played this opening a lot, and specifically the plan of attacking on the kingside."

  4. Where is the board on screen disappointed 😒

  5. Magnus white socks like Michael Jackson 😆😆😆😜

  6. The plan Kh1, g4, Rg1-g3, Rg1, g5 etc was from the game Fischer-Anderssen (1970). But Fischer played this much cleaner than MC today.)

  7. Magnus doesn't take revenge by beating him once…he will beat him multiple times to avenge his one loss…

  8. Has someone analyzed with an engine? From viewing this exciting game, my guess is from first glance, that blacks fast move Qxf7 seems to be critical. After instead Kg8! Nxd8 is not possible, because white loses the queen after Nxc3. After Kg8! gxh7+ is therefore necessary (Kxf7? h8Q +-) Kxh7! Rh3+ (Rxg7+? Bxg7 -+) Kg8 Nh6+ (can't be taken by black because of the Rg1) Kh7 (or Kh8 only moves) but where is the mate? Nf7++ leads to a forced draw by perpetual. Because of the black pawn e5, which blocks Qc3 or Bb2 (if the white queen would sit elsewhere) from hitting g7, Rxg7+ in the line above is not mate in two. Therefore, black had imho to defend pawn e5 at all costs and Bxe8 later on in the game instead of Rxe8, defending pawn e5, seems to be an inaccuracy. Some tiny details make the difference. 😏

  9. Please add another board to follow the moves.

  10. Nordibek 3 win and ….magnus Carlson 1
    He is still better ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Это случайность!

  12. Can’t see the moves ,NO board in the middle 👎🏻

  13. It was cool see Magnus speaking norwaegian. 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  14. Honestly, very bored and tired of Magnus . He needs to leave

  15. Abdusattaorov is a Brilliant player, He has proven it , already . He is emotionally weak in some areas .He fought well , before resigning . He is a Better fighter against Magnus in World Chess Championships.

  16. Be4 check is excelent move .what happened🙄

  17. Can anybody explain why he gave up earlier there was not even a check he could defend the king

  18. The only person who can easily could give Magnus a mate is his hairdresser

  19. Nodirbek is younger than Carlson. But I think Nodirbek is the strongest chempion in the world❤ Good luck.

  20. Can I ask since I'm still a beginner and pls correct me if I'm wrong. Why did he gave up? Since I've been thinking that he can just let his Bd3 to Be4 and have a checkmate then the opponent will be force to def his king and might let his Rg1 to Rg2? Then, after that he can move his Rd8 to Rd1 to have a checkmate again? Am I right or wrong???

  21. Why can't he check? Doesn't that force a rook sacrifice and then attack is done

  22. 17years experience against 17years old kid. Good job Nodirbek.

  23. Как можно такое зевнуть имея на часах 4.5 миН?

  24. Respect for Nodirbek for placing the pieces on the board for Magnus just before he shows up…

  25. Can someone please explain why he resigned so early?

  26. 7:40 Bishop E4 was the best move , nadirbek didn't see.
    By this move he can check trapped king of carlsen and if he block it from rook he can trade the bishop with rook
    By this he can stop magnus to mate him and also he can kill his other rook and bishop with trade of other bishop of him
    Now magnus has nothing other than pawns but nadirbek has paws and 1 rook , definitely he will win

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