Magnus Carlsen’s moment of pure happiness on becoming World Blitz 2022 after beating Abdusattorov

Magnus Carlsen was leading the tournament by half a point going into the final round. He was facing the Uzbek prodigy Nodirbek Abdusattorov. Such final rounds are always filled with pressure. While Nakamura and Duda were closely following Carlsen with a half point deficit, Magnus had his fortune in his own hands. And what a game he played. An absolute gem! Check out this game and also the final moment of Magnus becoming the World Blitz Champion and with it a champion in all three formats!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. If both kings are left on white squares, this indicates the white player won, and vice versa. This is how Hikaru infers who won with a glance.

  2. The other guy got him at last kill move hahahahahah. pure happiness?? The guy didn't believe he won 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  3. He looked much more calm in this game

  4. Im 11ten tug hätte Magnus den Bauern ziehen müssen,er hatte ihn berührt, für mich hat er danach einen illegalen Zug gemacht

  5. Why did they line up the pieces at the end of the game and leave the king in the middle of the board?

  6. I'm feeling good, being the 14.000th like on this video xD
    Today is gonna be a great day

  7. Legends noticed Hikaru to the right of Nodirbek😎

  8. Wait… at 1:45 Magnus Carlsen touched his pawn but moves another piece… That’s illegal right? I’m not a chess master but I know for a fact that touching a piece which can make a legal move has to be moved especially in chess tournaments… How did the referee or his opponent not notice this?!?

  9. When Magnus picks up a taken piece and fiddles with it in his fingers you know he's going "beast mode" which is when you know you're probably finished.

  10. He reminds me with syndrome in Mr.INCREDIBLE

  11. This is a good video.

    It’s historically important.

    It shows the whole game, not just some position.

    And it shows the rankings at the end.

    Well done!

  12. magnus keeps looking away so that his opponent can quickly make a move, genius

  13. It's like Magnus whipped that kid's butt for blundering.

  14. Why is the camera at the side its hard to see it better at top view👎👎👎👎👎

  15. Hikaru with his usual "SMH 😒, damn you Magnus"

  16. I'm new to chess. Can somebody explain why does their timer go up by 2 seconds every time they press it after finishing a move?

  17. Hikaru in the back be like: i already knew that

  18. thankfully the top 2 chess players in the world dont have boring personalities

  19. I love how Magnus starts by twitching with his pawns and other pieces😂

  20. 9:22 Why there are all the flags except the Russian. It's getting ridiculous

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