Magnus Carlsen’s best game from the World Rapid 2023 | Fedoseev vs Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is known for his positional chess. But what is the highest form of positional understanding? It is understanding the imbalances in the position and improving the quality of your pieces! This Magnus does brilliantly in his game against Fedoseev in round 10 of the World Rapid 2023. Check out this battle along with the instructive commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  2. Can someone explain why women are not as good as men in chess?

  3. Carlsen plays boring chess …. slow manuveurs thats why he is the bests

  4. If this comment gets 50 likes I will like every single comment on this video.

  5. Second to comment🤝🤝🔥🔥. How many likes do I get?

  6. what a masterpiece!! Thank you for sharing this game with us

  7. He made very accuracy moves and dominated over the game. Sagar's commentary enriched the game.

  8. A masterpiece! Nimzowitsch will be looking down and smiling….

  9. Thank you for the share and for the analysis. IM Sagar Shah's comments are indeed always enlightening. Congratulations to the Champion for these spectacular victories ❤.

  10. Fedoseev got absolutely mauled.
    Not often do you see a 2700+ player looking so helpless
    This game looks like an early 20th century game

  11. By seeing magnus chess…he straight away hunts opponents pieces ..he makes opponents helpless ..finally he sends thier opponents in to hell …👽💯

  12. this was really, really good game from Carlsen. And you cant say Fedosseev played badly, he did what he could, but Carlsen is just so much better.
    I remember when long time ago I watched documentary about Carlsen, who was child prodigy then. How he beat Karpov and drawed with Kasparov . Back then I thought : another wunderkind, how many kids like that we saw already ? But he was more than that. He became a legend in league of Capablanca, Alekhine, Fischer or Kasparov. Perhaps after 20 years when we talk about chess legends, his name is mentioned even first, and only then few others from 20th century

  13. It's such an blessing to hear your informative commentry ❤🎉

  14. Personally I felt sagar was more biased towards magnus

  15. Such beautiful game.
    Make me remember two game of Fedoseev against Magnus at world cup, the zugszwang game

  16. F**k commentary.. Better Just shut it.. Even he drink water u wanna tell everyone.. All eye on watching can see bro

  17. Sagar brought to tears at 8:00 by that beautiful little move 😛

  18. When will you Indians learn English with proper tones

  19. Ha! Magnus should start selling his own brand of bottled water, each bottle in the shape of a chess piece! Magnus Water!

  20. Piece co ordination is amazing for magnus

  21. the handshake has made me so happy now

  22. The funny part was magnus holding those pieces, a look like Thanos ,😂😂🤣

  23. Fedossevo did the only one mistake that he didn't push that A pon to A5 either he pushed H pon that makes the black position solid 🤧🤧

  24. chess videos in this channel without sagar vai's commentary is like a chicken curry without salt masala

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