Magnus Carlsen with 30 seconds VS Manager Agdestein with 3 minutes

Magnus Carlsen in Stavanger with Norway Chess, having a little fun challenging his manager, Espen Agdestein to a blitz game. Things start to get a little crazy.
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  1. I saw live today (29.12.22) during a world championship blitz chess game that Magnus came in late. The clocks had already started so he actually only had 37 seconds left when he sat down, and his opponent had 3 minutes. Magnus was even playing with black pieces, and he STILL won. This is also the day after he won his 14th world championship gold medal (this time in speed chess).

  2. this dude still had 46 seconds. why not take a little more time before moves?

  3. So – proper stupid question, why don't they use magnetic board/pieces for timed games?

  4. "Chess played perfectly is always a draw."

  5. At the end of 1:29 only one sentence:- HOW IN THE CHUFFING HELL DID YOU DO THAT…… you have it what it takes to be a world champion.Keep it up magnus.. love from india

  6. i returned to this masterpiece after…well , u know

  7. When someone uses the phrase" this is chess, not checkers" when it comes to time, obviously never see Magnus….

  8. does anyone know what chess pieces and board were they using during this game?

  9. At 0:21 how the HELL does that pawn take the pawn next to it diagonally?

  10. if me and my homies joined chess club. except we dont know a fkn thing about chess

  11. I am watching this at 0.25x and wondering why its so fast!!

  12. I don't know if y'all can relate, but the intense chess piece sounds are so satisfying lol

  13. The guy on the left is an idiot, he can’t fix his board? He has tons of time

  14. Pffft… yall think thats fast??? You should see me in bed

  15. Wow both of them are an expert I can't even do that

  16. "The clock filed a humiliation case that day"…

  17. Wow very incredible speed 🎉🎉🎉😊 greetings Magnus from Bolivia

  18. Her: Babe wyd
    Him:playing chess
    Her: I’m hor..

  19. Its time to retire playing chess dude, you have to focus playing poker face.. Instead chess.. 👎👎👎👎

  20. Is Magnus better when he uses his left or his right hand more? Curious to see if he does better when he uses a certain hand for moving his pieces. Left or right side of his mind that makes the better decisions.

  21. This is really a nice Chess Match for them!

  22. The sound of moves is far more better than phonks

  23. You can subscribe to Magnus Carlsen Youtube Channel to see more Magnus content

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